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Whistling Straights- with "normal people."
Do Your Weekend Champion-Style
By Kickntrue on 8/13/10
Enjoy your weekend folks. A couple links after the jump to get you through the weekend and watching the PGA Championship!

One good thing about the fog these past two mornings- Tiger's 2nd round tee time is delayed until 5:45pm so he's guaranteed to get to play the weekend... at least tomorrow morning! HAHA!

PGA Championship Site (VIDEO)
Live Leaderboard
Final Slate.com MoneyGolf Article
Tiger Still Working With Foley
GolfDigest.com Live Blog
Random Bonus Link

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[ comments ]
Kurt the Knife says:


I got nuthin'
Kickntrue says:
@Kurt- you got a putter!
Kurt the Knife says:
Here's a question.
Who are those people waving flags n stuff at the tee box and on the fairways and what is it all about?
Matt Otskey says:
I want a putter!
Kurt the Knife says:
Nah, I got shafted
Kurt the Knife says:
umm, i mean your esteemed staff are sending me a totally awesom club shaft
Kickntrue says:
you'd think i'd know that... since i sent it! Well played sir. Well played.
birdieXris says:
@kurt -- they're the guys telling the other guys on the fairway which way to look in case they didn't see the ball come off the tee. strait, left or right.
dd5277 says:
Jeez, watching this tournament is a struggle. Way too many commercials. A round of commercials, show two shots, another round of commercials. A few more commercials and they could call it the Commercial Channel (interrupted occasionally by a golf tournament).
Banker85 says:
lol kurt
sperry says:
why can't the golf channel just run coverage from the first person to tee off until the last. it seems that would be the point of the GOLF channel! i wouldn't even care about being limited to watching one guy hit a round because he's the only one out there. it's better than listening to 3 hours of tiger talk.
Kurt the Knife says:
thanks birdieX
jev says:
@dd5277: yeah, don't you hate it when those commercials are interrupted by something silly as golf? :D. Thank god for Veetle!
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