Tiger to Play First FedEx Competition
By mustang6560 on 8/20/10
Tiger Woods' name has been in the news a lot this week as he tries to salvage a decent ending to his sub-par season. His latest move was to enter The Barclays at Ridgewood Country Club in New Jersey next week.
Tiger Woods is playing the first FedEx Cup playoff event with hopes that it's not his last.

Woods on Thursday officially entered The Barclays, which starts Aug. 26. It's the first of four playoff events that conclude with the Tour Championship and a $10 million prize to the winner of the yearlong FedEx Cup competition.
Right now Tiger is No. 108 in the FedEx Cup standings and only the top 125 players are eligible for The Barclays next week. It will be interesting to see how far he drops by sitting out this week at the Wyndham Championship.

Tiger needs to play well at to be in the top 100 to be eligible to play in the second round at the Deutsche Bank Championship. Assuming he qualifies, these will be the last two chances Tiger has to make an impression on Corey Pavin, the captain of the U.S. Ryder Cup team, before he announces his four captain's pick.

I have not been rooting for or against Tiger so far this season (seeing him struggle is mildly enjoyable). But I think the situation Tiger is in right now is exactly what he needs. His back is up against the wall and if he does not bring his 'A game' the next couple weeks, he could be out of the FedEx Cup Playoffs and he could lose his spot on the Ryder Cup team.

If anybody performs better under pressure, it's Tiger Woods. Don't be surprised to see a glimpse of the old Tiger starting next week.

Fun fact: the only year Tiger didn't win the $10 million prize was the year he was out due to his knee injury. Man, how easy it is to forget how good this guy really is...

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homermania says:
Go get 'em Tiger!
sepfeiff says:
I thought Tiger was handling himself poorly... kinda hated him for a while but I gotta say i'm starting to root for him more and more. I felt bad for him... Life in shambles, losing wife and family, etc.
666 Iron says:
Kinda neutral on Tiger. I don't hate the guy, but he brought his personal problems on himself. His kids didn't deserve that.

However, it would be impressive if could turn his game around and get back to the level he used to maintain.
coojofresh says:
not enjoyable seeing him struggle. better seeing him do good, or at least making the final round interesting by surging up the leader board after the leader.
birdieXris says:
I still don't like him. Haven't since he started being aloof to the crowd. when his business personality took over. The guy could definitely play golf though, and you gotta respect that. I'd say i still respect his game. Just respect him as a person less.
falcon50driver says:
How long are we going to beat this dead horse?
brianshaffer32 says:
merlin - until he reaches 19, and then we will do it even more...haha
scumbag says:
Hopefully, Rory's comment will revive this wounded tiger.
falcon50driver says:
19 what? years without a top ten finish?
Banker85 says:
someone drank their haterade... if Tiger makes it into the Tour Championship i will be surprised. Still can't bring myself to count him out of any tournament.
erickbelus says:
Even if he comes up flat in the next couple of weeks, Pavin would be stupid not to pick him as a captains pick. If Tiger goes out and stinks in the cup and they lose, it's on Tiger. If Tiger is great, Pavin made the right choice. If he leaves him off the team and they lose, Pavin's the dog for not picking up a guy who has been #1 in the world for over a decade. In my opinion, it's a no-brainer. Who is he going to pass on Tiger for? Ricky Barnes? Bo Van Pelt?
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