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My iPhone was just a camera for a week!
What Did I Miss?
By Kickntrue on 8/23/10
I literally just found out about the whole PGA Championship mess?! I know I "checked in (you really should check out that link- even if you've already seen it) last Wednesday... but that was all preplanned ahead of time. It was a glorious week of "un-connectivity" but it really doesn't take much time away to feel like you missed a bunch. BUT- the fact is- the world is still spinning all the same and it all would've happened with or without me. It looks like Nathan even did a decent job giving you guys something to talk about. I'll try to put together a "trip to Montana" post sometime this week, that will be completely unrelated to golf, but I've learned you guys are great and some of you are genuinely interested in facets of my life. Plus- it will give me a chance to brag. HOLY CRAP MONTANA IS AWESOME! That should really be their slogan... at least in the summer.

Anyway- I'm back. Only one more week until the World Am Handicap Championship in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I can't tell you how excited I am about that- both for the golf and chance to meet a couple oobers! I received an email from an oober who is also an restaurateur in the MB area who invited anyone in town out for a night of drinking and hanging out. I'll post more details this week as I figure them out. I really need to get out and hit some balls. The last time I was out- I shot the best finishing 9 of my life (+1) but that was almost a month ago at this point.

Umm... golf post, golf post...

Ah... Arjun Atwal apparently won the Wyndham Championship yesterday, becoming the first Monday qualifier to win a PGA Tour event in 24 years. The win also earned Atwal his Tour Card for next year, so congrats to him. I've always felt Atwal is a decent golfer- but he's mostly known for a street racing accident that involved a fatality a couple years ago. While he was never charged with any wrongdoing- that had to about kill him dealing with that investigation. Congrats to Atwal and I guess now we have to start feigning some excitement for the FedEx Cup!

Atwal Wins!

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birdieXris says:
welcome back, man. Yea it's been a crazy couple tournaments in golf for sure. Capped off with Julie Inkster disqualified for swinging a weighted practice club on the 10th tee while waiting to tee off. But that's the LPGA. Does anybody care about them except for me? :(
Kickntrue says:
@birdieXris- yah- i'm just reading about that now. sounds like it may be worthy of a post later today. RIDICULOUS rule... though someone like Inkster should've known that rule.
lcgolfer64 says:
Welcome back - hope the trip was fantastic.
The post of the trip would be cool. We love golf, but vaca pics of that amazing area of the U.S. would be great to see! Oh and I shot an 83 two days in a row - oh wait, you actually wanted to know some interesting news... haha.
Backquak says:
and the rory comment about liking his chances against tiger, that should get some posts. I have to agree with Rory, if Tiger makes the team playing as poorly as he is, whoever he plays better take advantage, but you know everyone would be all in their business
mjaber says:
What about Atwal? I just read on yahoo that someone thinks he intentionally aimed for the grandstand hoping for the free drop. I didn't see it, and can't watch the video... but is it possible he used the rules to his advantage?

Kickntrue says:
@mjaber- wow- that's awesome.
Banker85 says:
ya not sure why he did that but he hit a low hybrid out of the rough for his second shot and it was jammed against the grandstand got the place the ball and chipped to seven feet for par and win. I was confused why he didnt just hit a normal golf shot and try to make the green???
jeremyheslop says:
Short would have been a bad play and the lie was in the rough. Could have chunked it and gotten bogey easy. Smart play albeit taking advantage of the grandstand for an advantage seems like poor golfing etiquette but within the rules. He did say he was going to do it on TV. Sir Faldo couldn't believe his ears LOL
mjaber says:
Forgot to mention this one: Apparently, some LPGA golfers like their caddies BIG (2nd entry- Look past the "Tiger Stack & Tilt")

GolfSmith7 says:
Hey any update on the gps version for iphone? how is it coming along?
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