NFL And Golf Go Together Like ... My Online Madden League And Oobers!
By Kickntrue on 8/25/10
Never have I written a post so self-serving. I'm looking for Madden gamers on XBox 360 to join my Online Franchise- we'll call it the "oob league!" Somehow my list of 8 "in" has dwindled to 4 and that's just not acceptable. So- if you have an Xbox 360 and have or would be willing to buy Madden 11 (Drew Brees on cover) please leave a comment or shoot me a private message. The loosely described "commitment" will be to play 2 or 3 games per week- a few of which may be online against other oobers. It's the most popular video game on earth (not played by complete dorks) so I know some of you out there want in. Plus- you'll get the added bonus of having me talk junk non-stop through your headset as I tear you up!

Okay- so ... Kevin would be disappointed in me if I really just did a post dedicated solely to my own personal gratification (screw you Kevin!), so here are some links to NFL golf apparel. If you're not repping your team on the links you're missing out. I always wear my lucky Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger underwear (sorry to disappoint, but they were custom made- so no link exists)! On a more serious note, ... they are great underwear.

NFL Golf Products
Buy Madden 11

photo source- EA Sports

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Jattruia says:
I could probably get in on that.
Jattruia says:
The madden league...not your underwear.
Nethmonkey says:
that's what she said
TheBrownCrayon says:
Those underwear are huge for Rothlisberger, it's the first time he had permission to get into someone's pants.
bobhooe says:
i would but after 2 rounds with the red ring of death I switched to the PS3.
homermania says:
Anybody out there tried the "Play with the Pros" feature on Tiger 11 for Wii. It's really tough. I shoot better in real life.
falcon50driver says:
I have to fly a flight simulator 4 days every year, that's as close to playing a video game as I ever want to get.
Dazinkster says:
I would normally love to join as an avid NFL/NCAA Football fanatic, unfortunately I've gone with NCAA 11 this year rather than Madden as I haven't really seen a good enough reason for spending £40 (until now that is). I still doubt I'll buy it for a while but I'll message you when I finally get round to it.
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