Winner- Bucknut Carling Coffing
Carling Wins Big Break
By Kickntrue on 8/26/10
Yah- I guess this is late. Since I'm really just posting this for the pictures, I didn't think you'd mind. tOSU grad Carling Coffing won the Golf Channel's Big Break show at the Sandal's Resorts in the Bahamas. I can't say I watched too much of the season, which is probably more an indictment on the fact that I have no clue what channel Golf Channel is on DirecTv more so than the quality of this individual show. Why should you watch the re-runs? Here is the email I just received that prompted this post:
I was wondering why oob hasn't posted anything about any of the Golf Channel's Big Break show. The one that just ended yesterday was filled with 10 hot women and an overweight chick from Mexico. Excellent golf play and a great view. What gives?

P.S. Post pics of lil southern girl Sara Brown please!
Really- I don't know what Golf Channel was thinking not using, "10 hot women and an overweight chick from Mexico" as their show tagline. I'm sure more people would've tuned in under that premise. At any rate- I can verify the claims of our reader. His summary is pretty much dead on- and while I actually preferred the winner, Carling, I will certainly honor his request for some Sara Brown. Here she is (lower/right)!

For winning- Carling certainly helped out her fledgling career; truly a big break. She won $10,000 in cash, another $10,000 to spend on golf gear, exemptions into an LPGA Tour and Ladies European Tour events and the $5,000 entry fee into Q-School. It's no American Idol, but I'm sure it will help Carling along.

Carling Wins
Golf Channel Big Break Home
Contestants In Bikini's Video

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Banker85 says:
carling will you marry me?
Banker85 says:
seriously though, you dont know what channel is the golf channel? that disappoints me. Big break is a fun show, i would like to play the challenges that they do.
Kickntrue says:
@banker- i know it's 200-something... I agree that Big Break is solid- but other than that... the channel is almost unwatchable. plus- my tv time somewhat limited by having a 1 year old and a wife who loves to DVR the enter HGTV lineup. I'm usually relegated to the "other tv" and I'm using watching live sports.
meatball413 says:
Thanks for posting this! I'm glad you guys enjoyed my show tagline...lmfao
birdieXris says:
Don't forget, Carling also has the entire seasons entry fees to the Duramed Futures tour waived. Carling is a great player, not bad lookin either for that matterLOL

I watched the entire season every monday (or whenever i could catch the rerun if i missed monday) on the Golf channel. Some of the shots they pull off are pretty amazing. They have special guests too> Greg Norman was on this year. He really set them up with some god awful pitch shots to play.

Its' 207 on comcast cable. That's the HiDef channel. It's 73 normal.
carv712 says:
The golf channel has programming? I thought it was just an infomercial channel for laser range finders and the HAMMER! PS Jack Hamm can s my d.
Banker85 says:
well its channel 218 in my area. Ya i feel ya on that, my girl dvr's housewives, jerseylicous, and kids watching their nick jr. so my tv time is limited. I do get the last hour or so on sundays to watch the final round of whatever tourney going on.
dottomm says:
I was rooting for Carling the whole season. Great attitude!
birdieXris says:
@carv712 - lollercoaster! yea i used to think the same thing. Basically there's nothing on until golf central in the morning. that starts at 6 and runs until at least 8. over and over. kinda like the morning news. I dont' know what's after that. Usually fix it shows and an infomercial here and there. They do have a LOT of programming later on in the evenings. The golf fix, golfs funniest videos, the 19th hole, the LIVE FROM weeks are usually pretty good, big break, and dare i say it, even "the haney project" Golf in america is really cool too. This past week they covered a course with a floating, movable green. That's ridonkulous.
askarzy says:
Watched her play in connecticut she's got a great game and personality
erickbelus says:
She's a fine player, but I seriously doubt she'll be able to hang with the LPGA gals. She doesn't have the distance. If she was short and straight she'd have a look, but short and crooked leaves her in the dust. Hopefully she can take some of her winnings and hire a coach to dial in her long game, because she certainly has the short game to compete.
erickbelus says:
and 3 cheers for Sara "motorboat" Brown being back for next season. I love that purple shirt!
c5agalb says:
She looks good in those underarmour shirts, and my wife wonders why I tuned in.
TheBrownCrayon says:
Really on Carling? I'll give you that she's crazy-attractive, but she was also crazy-annoying. I'm all in on Sara Brown, who will be on next season's Big Break which is supposed to be a "battle of the sexes" kinda thing.
HLIII says:
I can't believe everyone is so hooked on Carling, she was by far the most annoying person on the whole show...How bout Sara Brown or the girl from Kentucky. I'm looking forward to the next show Men vs. Women...One to watch is Elena Robles who was one of the unlucky victims of Big Break to get eliminated first because of a lucky shot from a player who probably shouldn't have been there.
Swingem says:
Love Big-Break, watched the whole thing. Knew it would be close playing Lili in the final, but Carling sunk a mile of clutch putts throughout the show and that ended up being the difference. I also agree that Carling and Underarmour were made for each other.
legitimatebeef says:
Let's hope that Carling is acting up for the camera, because what a shame if she's really like that in real life. She is very pretty though, and kind of a "piece" of ass. Sara Brown really does it for me, I love that kind of bod. Lets face it what really got me into Big Break was Sara and her tight shirt and little short shorts, Id love to hug that all night long. I was really hoping for them two in the final. It would've been an ogle fest.

I guess there's lots of super cute golf girls out there. Who knows how far they will make it in pro golf, usually not that far, but as long as theyre out there, I will be tuning in to the big break :b
gmsmith36 says:
218 Golf Channel Direct Tv
SingleDigits says:
yeah, my wife's always saying, "Are you really watching that show for the golf?". Well sometimes. And I was definitely rooting (so to speak) for Carling over Lili or Sara. I like perky, personality and otherwise.
grady3rd says:
My wife is usually sooooo non-interested in Big Break, but for some reason she absolutely got hooked with this crop of girls. We weren't really rooting for Carling (too annoying) but our total favorite, Sara Brown, got some hugely undeserved bad breaks. Okay maybe it was the nerves that got her, but dammit she rocks! Totally the best golfer from the show was Ryan O'Toole. She was super-long and has already won twice this year on the Duramed Futures Tour. She'll be teeing it up next year in the LPGA.
Banker85 says:
her personality is what drew her too me. Sara was a bitch to carling and carling would just laugh it off. She was sweet and that is one of the best qualities for a woman to have. Also i dont know how under armor wont sign her a deal cuz dam!
jalsing says:
Well, I guess I should pull it up on the DVR and watch it now that the spoiler has been let out...

I will have to say, I guess everyone does it, but it sure annoyed the heck out of me when Sara (and the others) would always yell "sit..SIT" at their ball while it was in flight.
DougE says:
Also loved Sara Brown. She was good, cute and funny. My favorite on the show, but I did like Carling as well.

And Lili, who was labeled as the "overweight chick from Mexico" was not really that overweight. It's just that all the others were all so perfectly hot. Lili was very good and deserved to be in the final. Christie Kerr wishes she was as "overweight" as Lili. And actually, I think Christie is kinda hot too. Of course she's no Paula Creamer, my true love on the LPGA tour.
Clint24 says:
218 DirecTv. And they really did use the "10 hot women" tagline. On one of the previews they said "We all golf and we're all hot!"
coojofresh says:
Carling has an annoying attitude & looks like a little girl. with some quality training Carling should be fine. Seema played in the Canadian Open & got cut BTW.

Sara should have won, but decided to play her crappiest during that elimination challenge. meah, it is what it is.
FatGuyGolf says:
Come on, not a single "I'll have 7 Carlings and a Rock & Rye" joke?!

The girl drama on Big Break is annoying, their games don't look a ton better than mine even after editing, and if it weren't for the short skorts, tight shirts, and bikini shots I wouldn't watch at all. But Golf Channel wins, cuz I do watch. Carling was cute as a button, til she opened her mouth, then I wanted to punch her in the face.
Kurt the Knife says:
interesting i just bumped into this old post.
I'm not really much older than those girls but they have no attraction for me.
Too young, annoying and stupid.
Fun to watch the challenges tho'
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