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Mickelson Is Going To Blow It
By Kickntrue on 8/27/10
Phil Mickelson has had 9 weekends to take over the world's number 1 spot from Tiger Woods. At first- it was things like Phil needs to win, and Tiger needs to finish dead last. Slowly the math (which nobody understands) started becoming a little easier for Phil. Soon it was Phil wins and Tiger finishes worse than 10th. This week- Phil's best chance yet gives Phil 10 different scenarios where he could be the world's number 1 golfer.
• he is third alone and Tiger is outside top 4

• he is fourth alone and Tiger is outside top 8

• he is fifth alone and Tiger is outside top 14

• he is sixth alone and Tiger is outside top 21

• he is seventh alone and Tiger is outside top 32

• he is eighth alone and Tiger is outside top 52

• he is ninth alone and Tiger is outside top 58 or misses cut

• he is 10th alone and Tiger is outside top 58 or misses cut
Too bad Phil is going to miss the cut. Tiger on the other hand looks like he may for the first time all season actually strengthen is grip on the world's number 1 spot a bit. Because the math works off 2 years of work and involves a lot of factors- regardless of how this week turns out Phil is going to have plenty of opportunities in the coming months to pass Tiger again, but despite him insisting that he doesn't even think about it, Phil sure seems to have a block about this. Sure- he won the Masters, a great win for sure- but the rest of the season has to be considered a disappointment. Just a second win (Phil normally wins 3 or 4 a year) would've accomplished this feat and he could've someday said he was at least at one moment during his career the best golfer in the world.

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birdieXris says:
Yea, choke artist fo' sho'. But Phil IS a great player. He has it in him. I don't know what the catalyst is, but i think we'll see some sort of magic out of him yet.
Banker85 says:
too bad. guess its not easy being #1 HUH PHIL!
erickbelus says:
I suppose it's a down year for him, but winning a major and a handful of top 10s(including a top 5 at the US Open) is a career year for most. The guy can flat out golf. I think everyone is a bit hard on the guy calling him a choker.
SingleDigits says:
He also has arthritis.
falcon50driver says:
I'd rather be Phil than tiger.
Swingem says:
@Merlin - Agreed! Phil has some integrity. FTW!
Matt F says:
A big GO for Jason Day!
coojofresh says:
merlin2 how do you even know what Phil has? everybody has their own demons. Phil is just too inconsistent. that shows how good tiger really is. tiger has built such a lead that he can not play half a year and be pedestrian the other half and still be number one. & SingleDigits i guess he only has arthritis when he gets cut or does bad.
falcon50driver says:
I'd rather be me than tiger, he's got nothing I want.
couz22 says:
Gents, it comes down to priorities; I think that Phil really wants it, but there are other things in his life (family) that, in the big picture, are more important to him. I'd like to see him do it, but I think his chance has passed.
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