Hey Europe! ... SCOREBOARD!
By Kickntrue on 8/27/10
Paul Azinger may not be the captain of the Ryder Cup team this time around- but that doesn't mean he can't do a little trashing talking! Last night, Euros Ian Poulter and Justin Rose were hanging out. Poulter sent out the following text:

A couple minutes later- Paul Azinger fired back with this:

Oh- that picture link he sent out... that would be on the right! HAHA- love it! The Euros may be favored next month... but for now, the Cup still belongs to the Americans! SCOREBOARD! SCOREBOARD!

Ian Poulter Twitter
Azinger Twitter & Photo Source

Via GeoffShackelford.com

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homermania says:
Great zing from the 'Zinger!
Banker85 says:
very nice! love the trash talk! I hope Tiger gets picked and spanks rory mcilroy like the little boy he is. I still dont understand how he thinks his nuts are big enough to call out Tiger, i mean how many worldwide events has Tiger won compared to Rory? YA thats what i thought. Chump. (overall, i do like rory) nohomo
TeT says:
that was RICH...
bducharm says:
Remember the last guy to call out Tiger - Stephen Ames??? I believe the final score was 9 and 8...
Pappybro says:
Luv the Smack!
Panerai111 says:
dbrake0 says:
Ask Zinger how he did on that CBS golf audition.
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