Don't Forget About Wie!
By Kickntrue on 8/27/10
While Tiger slid a bit today (but is still in contention), Michelle Wie is quietly stretching out her 2nd round lead at the Canadian Open. Wie also shot a -7 in her first round (including a hole in one) and added a -3 performance today to stretch her lead to 3 strokes at the halfway point.

It's easy to write her off as a bust, but Wie could still do a lot of damage on the women's Tour if she gets things together in the next year or two. She's actually been one of the better women on Tour lately and is currently ranked 12th in the world.

Wie Leads (LPGA Leaderboard)
Tiger Doesn't (PGA Tour Leaderboard)

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Dixon Golf says:
Wie will not be a bust if her dad takes a back seat to a real pro manager.
legitimatebeef says:
we'll see.
Banker85 says:
She had a nice hole in one.
coojofresh says:
ugh i just wish she would win more. her putting sucks though.
mantajim says:
You're wish is granted. Michelle wins by 3.
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