Will Tiger Make the Cut
By mustang6560 on 9/3/10
Tiger Woods is on the precipice of making history in this year's FedEx Cup Playoffs: He may not qualify to play at a tournament where he's the defending champion for the first time ever.

Tiger is currently ranked No. 65 in the FedEx Cup standings and only the top 70 qualify for the third round of the playoffs next week at the BMW Championship where Tiger won last year.
Woods has failed to defend a title when the tournament has changed dates or when he was injured. Never has he not gone back to a tournament as the defending champion because he was not eligible.

"It's been a different year," Woods said.
This year has definitely been an odd one compared to the past few seasons. Tiger has been a dud, we saw a different player win each Major, a non-US player won three out of the four Majors, plus it was their first Major title period.

In short, I think this year has been a great year for golf. The PGA Tour needed this year and I'll tell you why. For so long, the perception was if Tiger entered a tournament, he was going to win. Heck, it seemed some of the players were content just playing for second.

But now that Tiger doesn't seem to be invincible, I think some (key word some) of the Tiger fear-factor wore off. Players have a renewed sense of confidence and I think this was reflected in Graeme McDowell, Louis Oosthuizen and Martin Kaymer all winning their first Major title this year.

Do I think Tiger is down and out? Shoot no! However, I think it's nice to see other players playing well and winning too.

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Matt Otskey says:
I think he will post a top-10. Book it!
Banker85 says:
I think Tiger will make the cut, and get inside the top 30 for the Tour Championship. If Tiger didnt duck hook that 3W on the 1st tee saturday @ the Barclays and say got par or better he would have been in serious contention to win.
TeT says:
He finishes in the top 20 easy, so he should be there in the end...
mschad says:
Currently dead last.... tied at 96th w/ 3 others.
coojofresh says:
started bad but he is doing fine now. the rain just has to suck.
Duke of Hazards says:
yeah, he went through a weird 4 hole stretch where he was spraying his drives all over the place and ran off a bunch of bogies, then he settled down. Need to stop playing with that thing and put a strong 13deg 3-wood in his hands. his gigantic ego won't let him retire the big dog, even if it means less wins. he has some primal need to conquer the driver. tiger is big on 'conquests' as we all know.
legitimatebeef says:
I think its swing change time for Tiger, so I don't expect to see much great play very soon. Maybe will grab a win somewhere in the world before '10 is over. Ultimately I believe he'll get locked in at some point and dominate for another stretch. I caught the replay of the '06 Deustche Bank when Tiger shot a 63 or something to beat Vijah from behind. Sensational stuff. Final round and Tiger was pourin in eagle putts like nothing. Finding a groove and not letting up on the gas for the whole 18. Relentless, vintage Woods. Tiger from 2005 to the end of '09 was as dominant if not more than in circa 2000. Its a down period but history suggests that he'll return to winning form once he commits to those new swing thoughts. And starts rolling in big putts again.
shorne says:
He just did! bogey free 6 under round today. He seems to have put aways the driver today to keep things under control. The putting is looking better, but he puts a lot of pressure on himself with the putts around 6 feet and often misses. These other guys are looking good too, Jason Day and Dustin Johnson.
coojofresh says:
i agree @shorne. he needs to just relax a bit more. it seems like when he messes up he kills himself over it.
bplewis24 says:
I doubt the commissioner agrees that this has been a "great year" for the PGA.

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