Can Rickie Win?
Ryder Cup Captain's Picks Are In
By Kickntrue on 9/7/10
Corey Pavin selects Woods, Cink, (Zach) Johnson, and Fowler (says Golf Channel's Steve Sands).

No real surprises except Fowler. Sure- he's shown himself to be a killer in match-play, especially as an amateur, but the big knock on him is that he's never won on the PGA Tour. Can he handle Ryder Cup pressure and help Team USA win? Despite the fact that some people won't like the pick, I personally do. I just hope they get him lined up with Rory McIlroy in Sunday's match play so we can see our future matched up against Europes. Hopefully by then it matters...

I think picking Tiger was a no-brainer a month ago, but especially now. Hopefully his struggles this year will allow him to get up for the event. In the past he hasn't exactly been our best player, but best in the world is best in the world. As much as people want to talk about Europe's huge advantage over the USA in this Ryder Cup, I like the fact that the top 3 players in the world will all be on our side.


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ElGalloGigante says:
Way to go, Rickie!
bducharm says:
LOVE the picks - Zach is GUTS all the way! Cink hasn't played as well recently but is still a great putter! Tiger is, well Tiger and he will be great. Rickie versus Rory will be AWESOME theater! Look for Bubba Watson and Rickie to partner. They have been hanging out together quite a bit lately.
mjaber says:
I'd love to see Bubba paired with Dustin Johnson...
bducharm says:
@mjaber - Agreed! Would be a BLAST (literally) to watch those 2 BLOW it by their opponents!!!
joke329 says:
US will lose without AK. Pavin, you're destined for failure. Bring back Azinger.
mikeaddis says:
Seriously? AK has not made a cut since coming back. Definitely not someone you want on a Ryder Cup right now.
trikai says:
I will be watching for sure. Great entertainment and great golf. I am a AK fan and even though I like his "relaxed" approach to the game, Rickie, Dustin and Bubba fill that needed "no limits" factor for me.
Banker85 says:
good picks overall, the only one i am not sure about is Fowler, and Cink. I guess Cink since he won British and brings experience and i imagine a good vibe to the team and Fowler for the youth and excitement he brings. Cant wait for the ryder cup! USA! USA! USA!
wrhall02 says:
Seems like a good team, me thinks Pavin will be second guessed forever if US loses and considered brillant if US wins. Tiger was a no-brainer (#1 and best match player ever), the other picks are always based on the Capt's "feeling" or chemistry. Of more interest to me, how will Pavin pair up the players...and...will he sit Tiger out for a match or two?
joke329 says:
Pavin is gonna take it up the ass for these picks. I only agree with Zach Johnson. Tiger is useless in Ryder Cup. Cink and Fowler...come on. Cink was a "buddy" pick and Fowler hasn't proven his skills yet. AK's stroke game may not be up to par but he is a birdie machine which is key for match play. Cant believe Pavin passed on him. Pavin is gonna get humiliated and go down as the worst Ryder Cup captain...worse than Hal Sutton.
mikeaddis says:
I love AK but look what he has done since he came back from injury....

He has not made a single cut.....

Bridgestone Invitational T76
PGA Championship CUT
Wyndham Championship CUT
The Barclays CUT
Deutsche Bank Championship CUT
Jattruia says:
Agreed. AK was a no brainer to leave off the team this year. Since the surgery, he's been hot garbage, he' can't be 100% yet. I def. like the Fowler pick though. He may not have the PGA win yet, but he's shown he's got the game for sure. He could do well in match play. And wasn't AK more or less unproven until he showed what he could do in Ryder Cup?

I am a little weary of Cink, though.
ElGalloGigante says:
Rickie was a stud in Walker Cup play too...
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