Hello Lisa Pavin!
By Kickntrue on 9/8/10
Corey Pavin is the captain of the USA Ryder Cup Team. Blah Blah Blah... let's check out his wife (pictured right)! Avid Golfer magazine did an interview with Lisa Pavin along with a cover picture worth taking a second look at!
From designing team clothing to planning out gala events to just taking care of things at home so her husband can play his best golf, Lisa has done a tremendous amount of work leading up to the biennial tussle between the U.S. and Europe. And who knows, if Team USA arrives at Celtic Manor before the first round matches hands locked with Captain Corey in front, we know whom he got that idea from.

“I want to win the Cup more than anything,” Lisa said. “That’s all life has been about lately, the Ryder Cup.”
Lisa has also made news recently for her role in a fight between reporter Jim Gray and Captain Pavin. Some may say she needs to get out of the way- but I'm all for this (and not just posing for great pictures). If you want a rivalry to run deep the players WAGs need to hate each other too!

Avid Golfer - Lisa Pavin Interview
Via GeoffShackelford.com

photo via Avid Golfer

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birdieXris says:
holy macaroni!
umdoh says:
no wonder he said he wasn't really thinking about his picks until sunday night. He had much hotter. cough better things to think about.
trikai says:
Does any player on the PGA have an unattractive wife? I mean, in what other sport does 70th place play for thousands of dollars? Wow, I must think the women are only in it for the money. How much did Elin get?
Scott Shields says:
sweet jesus
bobrace says:
Kudos to Corey!!!
chipnputt71 says:
God bless Americaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
klangdon says:
I wonder what the age difference is between them.
bducharm says:
@klangdon Corey is almost 51 (November) and it sounds like Lisa was born in either 1973 or 74 - so 14-15 year difference.

@trikai YES, have you ever seen Vijay's wife??? MOST Tour wives are extremely hot but a few aren't...
Banker85 says:
my wife is hotter
Kurt the Knife says:
Oh yeah?
Lets see.
FatGuyGolf says:
If short skinny bulldog Corey Pavin's wife is this hot... if Billy friggin' Mayfair has a hot wife (he does)... then I made a capital error when I did all that studying in high school and college. I should have been at the golf course working on my short game!
Drjimmylee says:
Keep Tiger away from her.
Shane1 says:
Last report, Elin nabbed (at least) $54M from Tiger.....
legitimatebeef says:
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