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Dustin Johnson's Consolation Prize
By Kickntrue on 9/13/10
Dustin Johnson has been an hour or two of golf away from having a magical season. Winning the FedExCup won't give him a major- but $10M would make me feel a little better! He took a major step in making that happen by winning yesterday at the BMW Championship. Not only did he win $1,350,000 for his week's work, but he also secured the 2nd spot in the FedExCup rankings going into the Tour Championship.
"To finally get it done, especially after all the things I've gone through this summer ... it can't feel any better," Johnson said. "I played really good golf today. I didn't make as many birdies as I would have liked, but I made just enough."

He made three birdies, none more important than the last one.

Tied for the lead, Johnson knew the 17th hole might be his last good chance. He pulled driver and smashed his tee shot over the trees with a slight fade, the ball landing in the fairway and leaving him a sand wedge that he hit within 2 feet for a tap-in birdie.
A win next week at East Lake would guarantee him the FedExCup (as would a win by anyone in the top 5), and also means he has a good chance of winning even if he doesn't come away with the win. Matt Kuchar is still leading.

Only 30 players are left and the points for the FedExCup are reset once again.
While the points will be reset, however, the seeds will not. The player who ranks first in FedExCup points after the BMW Championship will still rank first after the reset. The player who ranks 30th will still rank 30th. And the player who ranks 31st? He will get the week off -- remember, just the top 30 in points after the BMW Championship will advance to East Lake (and no alternates will be added).

Each of the first five seeds going into THE TOUR Championship will control his own destiny -- if any of those five seeds wins at East Lake, he will win the FedExCup title. Meanwhile, seeds 6-10 will have an excellent chance of capturing the title with a victory.
While I think in general the playoffs have been cheesy for the PGA Tour, I do think the Tour Championship has some excitement. Watching the projected points jump based on each Sunday putt is pretty cool, and for the first time since the FedExCup was introduced it looks like someone will win where the money will be a huge deal. Tiger and Vijay (the only 2 Cup winners so far) didn't need $10M to make their year... Matt Kutchar on the other hand... I bet he could use that dough (not like I need that dough, but it's all relative at this point).

Should be fun...

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Kurt the Knife says:
Nice recovery from his previous loss cuz of the bunker issue.
I saw the cat at the US open and he was pretty impressive. Good win.
Banker85 says:
guy is impressive for sure.
sepfeiff says:
He played great and deserves this one. Met him back in May at the Byron, not the friendliest guy I met that week.
jodiwasiak says:
Way to go Dustin Johnson on your much deserved 4th PGA TOUR win (BMW Championship) in 3 years on tour. This is just the beginning of a stellar career!!! Amazing talent, composure, attitude and sportsmanship. You are a class act and a true gentleman on the golf course. A true pleasure to watch compete. We should all stop focusing on the ones that got away and concentrate on the accolades he has accomplished at such a young age. DJ sure does not bellyache or whinny bag over what could have been. He looks to what was and what is going to be. The ones that got away are what showed the world what he is made of. He is gracious, charming, charismatic. He is the epitome of the professional athlete. He is a stand up guy that is capable of delivering in the clutch. Keep doing what you are doing DJ and thank you for all you do for the sport of golf, and all your much un-mentioned philanthropy with the Dustin Johnson Foundation. Definitely the fan favorite for PLAYER OF THE YEAR.
coojofresh says:
in my opinion the FedEx cup is better than any major. you can win a major & then fall back into nothing. a major is really hard & is prestigious & all, but it the large scale it is only a four day event. like if you are a good player & are hot you can win. if DJ wins the FedEx then it is good because he has been one of the top 5 players this year if not the best. the only thing in my opinion that should be better than the FedEx cup is winning all four in one year, but then again you probably would win the FedEx cup if you did that right?
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