Tiger's Gamesmanship Tricks Revealed?
By Kickntrue on 9/13/10
Phil used to fall apart when playing with Tiger. Now he always whoops him. Supposedly Butch Harmon has told Phil all Tiger's secrets. I'm really into this. I wish someone (I don't have the time or resources) would go back and actually test some of these theories. From CBSSports.com Senior Writer Steve Elling:
This spring at the Players Championship, Harmon detailed four examples of Woods' slick tricks to CBSSports.com. A few tricks of the trade, Tiger style:

Before large galleries, when on the green, Woods will often putt out first. That means the crowd moves to the next tee while the other player is still finishing the hole, creating an annoying distraction. That ploy wouldn't have worked very well Sunday. Mickelson kept making putts from everywhere.

Woods likes to lag back and get to the tee box second, so that the crowd screams loudest, and last, for him.

Harmon said Woods intentionally walks quickly when playing with slow players and slowly when playing with fast competitors. Most people would never notice.

Harmon said Woods sometimes hits 3-wood off the tee on driver holes, just to make the other player have to stand around for a few minutes. "You have your momentum and adrenaline going, and he slows down and makes you wait," the coach said.
These all make perfect sense, though all of them except the putting out move really shouldn't effect a playing partner too much. I've heard that one before and it's a bit of a dick move, but I mean.. what are you supposed to do, not tap in?!

The last trick is my favorite-- as far as being a purported competitive advantage. I'm really supposed to believe that Tiger would hit the worse club off the tee for his own game- just so a competitor would have to wait an extra minute to hit his ball he hit 30 yards past Tiger? It seems more logical that Tiger hits 3 wood to control the ball because he can hit better shots than most from 220 out instead of 190.

Anyway- it's good Monday fodder, and a fun topic for our own games. I know my gamesmanship is a lot more blatant, but possibly no less effective. I was playing a round on Saturday (for a couple bucks) and told my competitor on the 5th hole that he plays so ridiculously slow that he makes me tired (he does). It definitely threw him off though, as he was noticeably rushed for the rest of the round (that he still won, but that's because I suck). Anyway- I'm always open to learn new tricks, if anybody has any.

Full Story - CBSSports.com
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Kurt the Knife says:
Hmm. Gamesmanship tips..
Let's see.

try an inside-out swing with the hybrid to your opponent's occiput as he addresses the ball.

Never fails to unnerve.
Kurt the Knife says:
My brother's favorite is the expertly timed fart.
Depending on the wind it can have double effect.
bkuehn1952 says:
Only when playing with friends who can take some needling, I like to point out obvious hazards. "That long grass on the right looks tough. Wouldn't want to slice one over there." Funny how we tend to hit shots toward objects that are brought to our attention.

A frequent playing partner had my number, though. I was playing well and hitting everything down the middle. No evidence of a slice had emerged that day. We got to the 8th tee where a pond & wetland lined the right side. My buddy turned to me and said one word, "splash". It happened to be the next sound as I proceeded to slice my tee shot into the middle of the lake.
Banker85 says:
other than the typical smack talk cat really think of anything. my father in law likes to walk his fat ass in my line 90 % of the time.
falcon50driver says:
Have you ever noticed how your shadow exaggerates that outside in move that you have?
coojofresh says:
i think all that concentration & chuck foolery is so over-rated in golf. the fact that 35 yards away someone is talking can distract a player trying to hit a 95 yard shot, when that player practices 8 hours or more a day is beef bulgogi.
Kickntrue says:
@coojofresh- Man.. beef bulgogi sounds so good right now.

dtak84 says:
beef bulgogi is repetitive. it's usually beef...
Kickntrue says:
@Dtak84- you sound like an expert. Recipe?! :) Or better yet- how about you cook it for us and we'll come over!
windowsurfer says:
After someone misses a one-foot putt, my buddy Dave will always wait for the offender to finish his whining, then comment sincerely, "Not your fault."
elhacker says:
LOL this is a hilarious. On an empty course I turned doughnuts in the golf cart around my playing partner while he set up his shot. Then a few holes later every time he took a back swing I'd step on the gas peddle of the cart. A few holes later our other buddy dropped a bunch of balls on the ground during his set up. Luckily, he's a good friend of ours. The crap we pull over money. Our buddy ended taking 16 out of 18 holes from us.

On Saturday my neighbor and I went out for a quick nine with his son. His son kept giving me a hard time by giving me pointers during my swing. Couldn't help but laugh. Then my neighbors kid kept taking his head shadow and would put it right over the cup and shake his head. He did it once too many times to his dad and got yelled at. I thought he put his kid up to it. LOL
bobhooe says:
hanging a single testicle out of unzipped shorts seems to throw my wife off abit, oddly has no affect on the mother in law.
Kurt the Knife says:

regarding mother-in-law.

have you tried hanging the pair?
bobhooe says:
not yet, when she looked at me then piped one down the gut with no change in facial expression it just made me feel silly.
falcon50driver says:
dtak84 it can also be chicken or pork
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