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But they look so cute!
Wild Boars Tear Up Florida Course
By Kickntrue on 9/14/10
About a year ago I saw a documentary on the growing wild boar population in the southeastern US. I had nightmares for weeks, but was finally able to forget... until now!
Maintenance crews at a South Florida golf course are figuring out how to get rid of some unwelcome visitors on the greens - wild boars.

The hogs bury their snouts in turf, ripping up large pieces of grass in an attempt to get earthworms underneath the root system. They've already damaged the 14th and 11th holes at Sebastian Municipal Golf Course.

Maintenance crews have spent more than 40 hours trying to repair the shredded greens. Unfortunately the better fertilized the greens are, the more tantalizing they are to the wild pigs.
Uggh. In my fantasy world- I'd be carrying a high powered rifle (like the one's on Swamp People) and shoot a charging wild boar between the eyes. In real life of course- I'd soil myself while running the other way.

(The following is based on my recollection of the afore mentioned documentary I watched while half asleep about a year ago.) Apparently- these wild boars were brought over from Russia and have a Siberian gene in them that basically makes them indestructible in this environment. They have no natural enemies and will eventually rule all forests in the south. Who rules the human-less world will come down to these crazy pigs and pythons.

Anyway... that's too bad about the golf course.

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birdieXris says:
That's a wild pig. your last post about Tiger was a wild boar. ziiiinng
TravisMiller says:
rmumph1 says:
It's funny that you mention swamp people. I watched it for the first time yesterday, realizing that it is about alligator hunting in Louisiana. I'm live in Louisiana. I know people who talk like that. Pierre Part is about an hour away from me. Those people are nuts but I'm glad they do it because I hate gators bothering me when I fish, they like the sound of my top water bait and try to attack it.
TeT says:
Caught a gator once on a topwater in Lake Texana ... ; well how about this, the gator caught my topwater... Probably a little more accurate that way.
bstacy1974 says:
Any domestic pig that escapes its pen will begin to go feral in a matter of days. When domestic pigs and wild pig breed you end up with something like Hogzilla. This is the first I've heard of them tearing up golf course. Gardens and flower beds are the usuall complaints.
sperry says:
i can't wait to hit that course's breakfast buffet when they finally start harvesting these critters
JimmerSD says:
Armadillos cause a lot more damage here in FL. Gators are considered a movable obstruction.
jev says:
Heh, yeah, we have them on the course too each year. They usually show at night when nobody is around so hunting'm down is a bit of a challenge. Once on the plate, they are delicious though! :D
jev says:
This was last year: [img] www.gelderlander.nl/multimedia/archive/01255/DV_
jev says:
Darned, that didn't work. Try again:
[img] home.xmsnet.nl/jev/temp/wilde_zwijnen_schade.jpg
tennesseeboy says:
This is why the world needs red necks and guns. This would never happen in Tennessee.
falcon50driver says:
It still happens at our courses in East Texas, Lord knows there is no shortage of rednecks with guns here. Excuse me, my rich uncle just called, he just bought a new home and I need to go help him take the wheels off.
GolfinHawg says:
WOOO PIG SOOIE!!!! Sorry had to be said..
biscuit says:
Skunks are a problem in Ohio. Digging for grubs. One skunk can move alot of dirt!
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