Paula The Aviator
By Kickntrue on 9/17/10
Reason #126 to love Paula Creamer- she can ride in F-16's with the Air Force Thunderbirds!
Paula Creamer flew in an F-16 with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds on Sept. 9 at the Air Force Reserve Base in Pittsburgh. U.S. Air Force Captain Kristin Hubbard accompanied Creamer on the flight. The pair flew over Oakmont Country Club, site of Creamer’s victory at the U.S. Women’s Open this summer.

Tweeted Creamer after the experience: “That was the best thing I have ever done! I have never had so much fun in my (life)! And I didn’t throw up!!!! I pulled 9.1 G’s. Greatest thing I have ever done.
I'm pretty impressed with the fact that she didn't puke. Usually when you see stories about celebs getting to do this- it's accompanied by a vomit story.

It's just another reason Paula is the cutest and most fun player on the LPGA Tour. Not the hottest, mind you, but when you add up her golf game, personality (based on Twitter), what she does for fun, and all of the "intangibles," she's the one I want to bring home to mommy and daddy. ... You know, in "fake world."

The photo above is from Paula's Twitter. You need to cycle back through it a bit but she has a ton of posts and pics about her experience- and the link to GolfWeek has some professional pics.

So jealous... but pretty sure they don't let unfamous fat bloggers fly in F-16's.

Full Story-
Paula Creamer Twitter & Photo Source

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Banker85 says:
lol dont be so hard on yourself! one day you will have you own private jet, I see big things for OOBgolf!
Kurt the Knife says:
Funny, I've known several fghter pilots who couldn't handle an hour in a sailplane on a strong thermal day.
Too much turnin' and not enough burnin' I s'pose.
falcon50driver says:
<----Oob golf already has it's own Learjet
Kurt the Knife says:
Gas guzzler umm Jet-A guzzler
Pappybro says:
Meh. Let me know when she flies with the Blue Angels.
vja430 says:
i love paula
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