Golf Channel Sucks At Shutting Up
By Kickntrue on 9/20/10
Last week I told you about Golf Channel's initiative to go "announcer-lite" on their Saturday coverage. Well- I watched- and it was awful. For those who missed it- basically the goal was to cut back on announcers calling the golf action and just let the golf do the talking. Groups were followed by boom mics so we could hear the conversations between the caddies and golfers. Pretty cool idea, right?! I thought so.

Golf Channel's execution of this idea was... Horrible. Horrendous. Heinous. Hideous. Hectic. Hippopotamus (oops). Seriously, it was bad. I think they actually showed LESS golf than a normal broadcast. I'm not sure how that's even possible?! I watched for about an hour before I finally had to give up on the experiment. In that hour- I saw maybe 15 golf shots... maybe. I know for a fact I saw the announcers, sitting in golf shirts and on laptops on a couch talking about how innovative they were for going announcer-less for 3 different segments. A total of about 18 minutes filled with the Golf Channel's announcers telling me how awesome it was that they were going "announcer-lite."

I know it was the Nationwide Tour- so maybe they didn't have as many cameras on the course or something, but the whole fun of watching the interaction between players and their caddies is ... well, to watch the interaction. I've heard caddies and players discuss shot selection before. It's awesome! I expected to hear that (and did get some of that when they actually let it happen). What I don't get the opportunity to hear on a regular basis, is what the players and caddies discuss while walking down the fairway. What do players say to each other? These conversations would have been a MUCH better use of Golf Channel's time.

I'd be very surprised if this experiment gets any positive reviews, which is a bit of a shame, because it will probably prevent it from happening again.

Golf Channel Going Quiet

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birdieXris says:
See, that's my problem with the golf channel. They have great ideas but always execute them half-assed. They under-staffed big time. If you're going to do it, make sure you have the cameras and mics to execute properly. Golf is a SLOW GAME. it takes 15 minutes to play a hole. You can't just have 3 mikes and 3 groups. That's just stupid. you need at LEAST twice that to have continuous coverage worthy of not having announcers. It's like the Marquis coverage during the major championships. it's great to see and hear golf, but there's a lot of dead time and waiting for people to hit and walk, hit and walk. Ughhh golf channel needs to get with it. They also need some new programming because showing a million "GOLF IN AMERICA"s in a row is getting old.
Kickntrue says:
@birdieXris- you make a good point, but I'd still argue they had the pieces to make the idea entertaining. SHOW ME those 15 minutes of standing around and walking. Put me "on the course" through their eyes. If they're not talking, that's fine. That's what I want to know/see. Let us live vicariously through their rounds- the way they are played.
birdieXris says:
True that, i'm just more covering the possibility that there will be less happening. I mean, there's a lot of shots on a golf course -- a LOT. the under the tree punch-cut. the "i'm against the lip of the trap because i left my approach short" explosion shot. Interesting things. The more cameras you have the more likely it is that you'll at least get something more entertaining than an unobstructed "you think we should hit the 7 or a draw 8 and fly it back there? - well there's nothing in the way so let's go with the fade 7". I mean, it's interesting to see the way they go about it, but still i wanna sometimes see the thought process on some of those wild shots. --- Like the caddy trying to talk them out of it. LOL.
Kaster says:
They kept talking about how we were going to hear the players talk, and then constantly cut to the players hitting their shots AFTER they already talked about their shot options. If you want to hear people talk, don't only tune into shots when players and the caddies are silent.
cjgiant says:
I caught about 15 minutes of this and, unless I caught a slow spot (apparently not), there was little to hear. I got the impression the mics weren't set up well or good enough and I couldn't make out much of the interaction.
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