Michael Phelps Loving Golf
By Kickntrue on 9/20/10
Olympic Champion Michael Phelps has caught the golf bug. Welcome to the club! Universal Sports has a brief profile with 5 quicker hitters about Phelps and his golf game. I won't steal their thunder, but you'll learn that Phelps never played golf until after the Beijing Games. Some friends asked him why he didn't golf, so he went out a bought a set of clubs and was on the course the next day. Sure- it helps to have a lot of money... but that's dedication anyone would like to see! Apparently he has a pretty decent swing and has really taken to the game.

Because he's one of those ridiculously athletic perfect people- with plenty of time on his hands between important events, he can probably already beat most of us.

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Kurt the Knife says:
He found a sport where he can light up his ganja.

It was prolly gonna be that or lawn bowling.
falcon50driver says:
Water hazards shouldn't be too much of an issue. If I could swim like him I'd never have to buy balls.
cjgiant says:
Geez - at 6' 4" and a lanky, athletic build, if he has any coordination at all he should be able to crush shots. Can his short game hold up, though?
coojofresh says:
he is a douche bag.
legitimatebeef says:
Hell of a lot more fun than swimming laps.
jrbizzle says:
cjgiant - not only that, but in his swimming you rely on having strong legs, a good core, and arm rotation. That translates pretty damn well to a golf swing. I'd imagine his shoulder turn is off the charts as flexible as he is (ever see the guy stretch prior to a race?).
Kurt the Knife says:
if he can lay off the Ganja
Kurt the Knife says:
if i remember,
the Ganja made me quite flexible...
u go phelps, me brudda.ai ree. diggit
Scott Shields says:
coojofresh ... lol. well said.
Banker85 says:
lol Kurt
rmumph1 says:
-Kurt, he could also take up Frisbee Golf, a favorite for the Ganja smokers around here.
Kurt the Knife says:
Ya know, I could never understand that popular disc tossing pastime among the Lit-erati.
I mean, the last thing i ever wanted to do with a buzz-on was to repeatedly, physically resolve long curving trajectories and coincident impacts with my hands.
More felt like crocheting my ass into the sofa cushions listening to Dark Side o the moon with a bucket o cheese doodles.
mmontisano says:
the wacky tabacky may actually help him on the course. the bad shots won't seem so bad when you're all mellowed out.

i wonder if it would be like a beta-blocker?
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