HOF'er Ernie Els
Ernie Els And George H.W. Bush Enter Golf HOF
By Kickntrue on 9/22/10
Ernie Els made the World Golf Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. I'm still a little confused as to how this is possible. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it (I think he does), but how can you get inducted into a Hall of Fame while you're still playing at your peak (or close to it)? Shouldn't you have to be retired for 5 years like other sports? I get that golfers don't stop playing as young, so maybe make it 50 years old (Champions Tour) before it can happen. It just seems odd to me. I guess it's better than the way the women do it. There's is just a mathematical formula. At least the men vote- which allows for some of the intangibles that come along with being a person AND golfer. I suppose that's how former President George H.W. Bush got in. He'll be joining Els in induction, which will officially happen next May. I don't know how I ultimately feel about Bush making it. I get a writer, or important commissioner or something, but I can't imagine Bush has really done that much for golf, especially when he gets the same recognition as someone like Els who has 62 victories and 3 majors.

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birdieXris says:
Ernie Els i can see. He's had a great run already. definitely HOF worthy and a household name (household of golfers that is), but GHW? really? What exactly did he do? and was it nearly the level of what Els has done?
Banker85 says:
sepfeiff says:
From ESPN article.....not my words, not worthy of HOF...no way

It’s fair to say that President Bush was selected for his overall and varied contributions to the game, primarily in promoting the game and his public support of the game, but I think most notably that would certainly have to reference his service since 1997 as the honorary chairman of the First Tee effort, which has now reached 3.9 million kids around the country.
wrhall02 says:

HOF sounds a little bit like my home country (Mexico). Enough money, power and having the right connections allows a person to get "inducted" into whatever they want.
falcon50driver says:
Like a Nobel Prize maybe?
Matt F says:
Shouldn't the HOF be for golfers or those that "really" contribute to the game. I agree with Kickntrue that while they are currently playing in the "big show" is not the time for them to be inducted.

David Yurik says:
It degrades the value of what it means to be in the HOF. Its a sorry statement. If your a great golfer ( like Els ) then you deserve to be there. Thats it.
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