Ryder Cup Tape Delays
By Kickntrue on 9/23/10
I know the FedExCup finale started today, but we'll get to that later (maybe). Let's talk about the fact that we won't be watching live Ryder Cup action next weekend in the USA.
ESPN goes live with the broadcast in the U.S. starting at 2:30 EDT Friday, 11:30 p.m Thursday Pacific time.

But NBC comes on at 8 am to 6 pm on both coasts Saturday and 7-1 Sunday, meaning for us west coast viewers the matches will be over about the time they actually rack up the tape and show it to us here.
Mr. Shackelford is complaining as a west coaster, but I'm not sure anyone on the east will be any more lucky. I have a hard time believing they will spend 10 hours of their coverage by starting live- and then going BACK to the morning. I have a sneaking suspicion both coasts will already know the results before they happen.

Did NBC not learn anything with the complaints about the Olympics? Sure- I understand showing it on tape delay for the casual fan (has to still beat the ratings of "ACTION SPORTS") but c'mon! It's one thing to avoid live results of a random game and to watch on DVR as if it's live, but there is no way we'll be able to avoid Ryder Cup results for 12 hours on a WEEKEND! Every other sports channel in existence will be rolling the results on a scrolling bar. I think I'm like most sports fans when I say it's just not the same when you know what happens. If I know the USA wins by 1 point on a dramatic 56 foot putt (or by 10 points for that matter) I lose all my reason to watch- even if the action is good.

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bashworth says:
jev says:
So, hook up a PC to your TV and look via the internet. What's the problem? As a bonus, you don't have to suffer from those annoying presenters either! :D
Shane1 says:
Oh, man-up and be a real golf fan by watching it live. I enjoyed waking up at 4am to watch The Open Championship this summer in my PJs....wife liked it too because she got the bed all to herself for a few extra hours...
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