3 Caddies Forced To Fly Business Class!
By Kickntrue on 9/23/10
In "OMG, I Can't Believe This Is Actually News" of the day- it's being reported all over that 3 Ryder Cup caddies were bumped from a team charter flight- and will have to fly business class (for free) on their own.
Steve Williams and two other caddies – Frank Williams (Stewart Cink) and Joe Skovron (Rickie Fowler) – have been bumped off the U.S. team’s charter plane to the Ryder Cup because the plane is not big enough for everyone.

Also on the charter, in coach seats, will be several fans who bought seats through a special Ryder Cup package.


“The original plane we had for Team USA was not able to fly,” PGA of America spokesman Julius Mason said. “We had to obtain an alternative plane, and the configuration of seats on the new plane did not allow to accommodate everyone in superior class seats.”


The three caddies were chosen because their players did not qualify for the Tour Championship. The charter flight is to leave Sunday night for Atlanta, arriving in Wales on Monday. The Ryder Cup is Oct. 1-3 at Celtic Manor.
The travesty! The bigger news should be that someone caught something wrong with the original charter, that it wasn't able to fly. Imagine how much team USA would suck in 2 years if our 12 best golfers died on Sunday night. ... Oh, yah.. and all the dead golfer's families.

Oh- and I love how it's 3 caddies but all the news reports are that "Tiger's Caddie Is Bumped."

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TeT says:
ervwalter says:
Flying internationally in business class is pretty awesome. Doesn't sound like much of a downgrade to me.
Kickntrue says:
@ervwalter- not only is it "not bad" but it may be preferred. Would you rather sit in a flight for 7 hours with or without your boss beside you?
Pappybro says:
I'd say the more pertinent question would be "Would you want sit on a flight for seven-hours with or without Steve Williams?"
Banker85 says:
knock on wood
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