How Much Would You Pay for a Round with Tiger?
By Kickntrue on 2/20/07
Jim Leyland, manager of the Detroit Tigers would pay $5k if the money went to charity. Sadly, it takes $50k for charity to get Tiger for a round. This link also has some great news about a new Jack Nicklaus course, Paul Casey, and a Butch Harmon siting. Definately worth checking out.

"I'd pay $1,000 to golf with Tiger Woods," he said. "In fact, I might pay $5,000 for a round of golf for charity."

When the AL Manager of the Year was told that people make $50,000 donations to charity to play with Woods, he decided that would be too much for him.

"I love you Tiger, but I'm sorry," he said.

Check out this story and more HERE.

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