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Jim Furyk Wins a Cool $10 Mil
By mustang6560 on 9/27/10
Remember about a month ago when Jim Furyk was disqualified from the first round of the PGA Playoffs because his alarm didn't go off and he missed his tee time? Me either...

Jim Furyk won in dramatic style Sunday at East Lake scrambling from the sand to save par to win THE TOUR Championship and the $10 million for winning the FedExCup.
Clinging to a one-shot lead, in a bunker so deep he could only see the top of the lip, Furyk hit a clean shot and watched it head for the flag. It landed inches from the cup and spun to a stop 2½ feet away for an easy par and a one-shot victory over Luke Donald.

He put his name on a trophy with Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh. He finally won the Tour Championship, giving him three victories in a season for the first time in his career. He stated a strong case -- three victories and FedExCup champion -- as PGA Tour player of the year.
With a tap-in putt for par, Furyk drained the most lucrative putt in his life, grabbed his ball and turned to the crowd and pumping his fists at the crowd displayed some un-Jim Furyk like emotion. When asked about it later, he said "It just hit me. I was excited and dropped the putter and ... I don't know. I guess at that moment, you're not really responsible for what happens next."

Good luck to Furyk and Team USA in Wales this weekend at the Ryder Cup!

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Scott Shields says:
This makes me happy. I love Furyk.
Eric Duquene says:
And he did so with a $39 putter he bought at some non-big name store. So much for $300 Scotty Cameron Putters.
Banker85 says:
doesnt take monster drives and tons of flash to win golf tournaments. just being consitent does. Jim is a class act glad to see him win.
Jattruia says:
I saw he had a Yes! Golf putter. They're no joke, just don't sponsor anyone. I have one of them, and looking into another. I definitely prefer it to a Scotty i picked up.

Not sure which Furyk had, looked like the Sophia or Morgan. But if you buy them new, they'll still run you close to $300.
SingleDigits says:
I couldn't be more pleased to see Jimbo win. It really caps his career off well.

I also use a Yes! putter. Bought it new in 2008 for $91 on eBay. It puts a very pure roll on the ball, gotta love my Valerie!
DoubleDingo says:
It was a cool ending, and I'm glad my rooting for Jim didn't hex him like it normally does. I was happy that he took the whole thing.
bducharm says:
Furyk seems like a great guy. Kind of interesting to see that a player can still win the Fed Ex Cup after getting DQ'ed from the first playoff event. Flawed???
Banker85 says:
bducharm: i am gonna say no, the DQ was the flaw. good thing they changed that rule. Jim could have been seeded higher in the tournament championship if he did play. Since they reset the points after the BMW didnt make that much of a difference.
bducharm says:
@Banker - agree. I am glad they changed it as well. I was just tossing the question out there.
SingleDigits says:
Jim used a Sophia model Yes! putter, which has been replaced by the Morgan. If you go to the yesgolf.com site, 4 of their 14 blade putters are on back-order, including the Morgan.

How does that make any business sense? I'd say the cost of not acquiring a customer far exceeds the inventory carrying cost of having a little too much stock.
Kurt the Knife says:
It was totally cool how Watney n some others appeared to fall apart when the rain come down.
Jimmy jus' kept 'em rollin'.
I happy to see him take this one.
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