Lee Janzen
Lee Janzen's Big FedExCup Payday
By Kickntrue on 9/28/10
I'll give you that Jim Furyk had a great weekend, making $11.5M. But how about Lee Janzen? He did pretty good too! You see- Janzen finished 150th in the FedExCup- also known as "dead last." Here's the thing- the FedExCup doesn't just pay the winner. I mean, sure, pay the top 10 a bonus or something, right?! Matt Kuchar deserved the $3M he got for 2nd, as he probably had the best season of anyone on Tour, but paying 150 people a bonus? How does that make any sense?! Remember, the tournaments still payed normal (actually above average) purses as well, so it's not like these guys were just playing for FedExCup money.

So- for his effort- of not even making through 1 FedExCup event (and finishing dead last in it), Lee Janzen makes $32,000, or roughly 2/3 of the average yearly pay for an American. Tiger, finishing 42nd made $133k in FedExCup money and he didn't have to show up for the final event. That sounds to me like a better deal than Bo Van Pelt who "only" made $175k by finishing 30th and DID have to play an extra week.

I've heard murmurings that they're going to need to cut the FedExCup money because in this economy it's hard to drum up the pool. Maybe they should actually make this a PLAYOFF that matters- even if only in the money, and only pay the top 10. With the current money pool, and paying only the top 10, the winner could've received $20M. Imagine Jim Furyk's excitement and multiply that by two! Then- we'd also get to see our first live death of a golfer when the winner dies of a heart attack right on the 18th green. AWESOME!

FedExCup Payouts

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Banker85 says:
that is depressing. for me. I cant believe they pay everyone? i would think only paying the top 20 who got to the last leg of the playoffs. I seen the total purse for fedex cup is 35 million that is crazy. they for sure need to narrow that down to top 20 or 10 even to make it more interesting.
Backquak says:
Yeah, I saw the payout list yesterday and I was thinking the same thing. But I had no idea that the average american made 48K a year, I did not realize I was so far behind. Time to stop hanging out on OOB and get some work done.
Kickntrue says:
@backquak- depends how you define it. Median income for USA is $49,777 for HOUSEHOLD. that can mean 1 worker supporting house- or combo of 2 or more people. So I'm sure you're doing okay... :)

/don't leave oob. my income needs it! haha.
helfon says:
I'm sure the PGA likes the incentive for guys to play more tournaments during the year. The FedEx is part how well you did and part how well you did playing in the most tournaments.
jbird2011 says:
Here is the thing, I hate how they do this. Why call it the playoffs when someone can win without winning the last event? I get it, ur rewarding the player who has the best overall year, but don't call it the playoffs. It's like giving a team a world series or super bowl bc they had a better record during the year and only lost the last game by a couple points. They should make cuts and have a final event that people have to qualify for, then make it winner take all. It would make it much more exciting.
Duke of Hazards says:
I wonder how much these guys walk with. I know that they give a cut to their caddy and then the PGA players assn takes some for retirement, figure they probably pay assocation dues and have to have taxes withheld at . I wonder if anyone's done an analysis on what the actual ballpark 'take home' is for a golfer.
Shane1 says:
Agreed, but I think they should only pay the final 30 that make it to the Tour Championship.....everyone else is playing on their own dime through the playoffs.
SingleDigits says:
I think FedEx money is paid out when you retire, so you don't actually get it up front.
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