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Not An Athlete? A Geeks Story!
By Kickntrue on 2/21/07
I wasn't look for a golf story to post when I stumbled up this link. It turned out to work out great though. Interesting- not completely overdone with golf- and potentially even helpful for those of us who aren't as physically gifted as others. It won't change your life, but it could help with your preshot routine. You have to give it a minute to get into the "golf" part of the post. (Steve-Olson.com)

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falcon50driver says:
Swing the clubhead, hmmm, what a novel idea. You know...I tried that... and the ball does go a lot farther than when you hit it with the rubber end.
Kickntrue says:
m2d- i was thinking of you when i found the picture.

i was thinking... what did m2d look like when he was a sr. in high school? how did i do?
falcon50driver says:
Kiss my you know what......That's too close
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