Jimmy's $38 Used Putter Has Nice ROI
By Kickntrue on 9/28/10
I'm no economist but when you can purchase something for $38 that helps you make $11.3M, it was a good buy. I know the story has been flying around the internets and tv a bit- but here it is for us to comment and speculate on.
Furyk won both prizes using a $30 used putter which he had purchased at the shop three weeks ago during an unannounced visit following the third round of the Deutsche Bank Championship at TPC Boston in Norton.

It is unclear how Furyk was referred to Joe & Leigh’s, probably because of proximity, but manager Mark Petrucci was more than happy to spend 45 minutes helping Furyk in the store and on the outside putting green

Furyk found what he was looking for in the Swap Shop – a used YES Sophia putter – and Petrucci even gave Furyk a discount, laughing that he had two more in his basement.

Furyk told Petrucci that the one he found in the Swap Shop had a nick on the topline that helped him line up the ball perfectly.
I'm glad Mark decided to give Furyk a discount. I'm sure FedExCup or not, Jimmy could've ponied up the full price! HAHA!

Pretty cool story and nice for a small shop to get some unexpected press! My favorite part has to be that he actually bought the dinged up model. Maybe the guys over at Yes! are listening?! Clearly you missed the mark... pun very intended.

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Banker85 says:
ya why offer the discount?!

just goes to show you dont have to have the most expensive newest equipment but the skills to use it.
cpjolicoeur says:
Joe & Leigh's is an excellent store here in MA. They also run the 3Balls.com website which people are probably more familiar with.
homermania says:
That's just awesome. I love this game.
mjaber says:
I thought it was a $39 putter
srogers13 says:
It was $38 with the discount of $1...LOL
mjaber says:
@imasmrtazz... LOL... I saw this on Devil Ball Golf (Yahoo's golf blog)... down to $39 from $65

Neo says:
Didn't Jim say several times during the interview that he chose that one because it was the only heel-shafted putter without an alignment line?
Panerai111 says:
Will everyone run out to buy a Yes putter like they did with the Method when Tiger switched? lol
wrhall02 says:
Seems to be a knock on all the marketing BS; "buy this club and your game will improve."

Technology is great, but it can't fix a bad swing or putting stroke. You can't buy a better game. Only practice can fix that. I score about the same using my clubs or borrowing clubs. Sure, the "feel" changes, but not the score. Some clubs feel right, some just don't.
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