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Groundskeeper/Alleged Murderer
Never Trust The Groundskeeper
By Kickntrue on 9/30/10
There is a reason Groundskeeper Willie is portrayed the way he is on The Simpsons. They're dangerous! The actual story here isn't even a little bit funny, but you've got to admit it sure reads like a joke.
Ralph Arthur Hagen, 54, was arrested for beating a man on a golf course in Indian Trail. Aaron Griffin, 32, later died from his injuries.

Griffin was found Monday morning near a pond on the course. A car was found submerged in the pond. Hagen worked as a groundskeeper and lived in a camper on the course. Authorities say he beat Griffin with a baseball bat, but haven't said why. He's charged with second-degree murder.
Would it be wrong to speculate on what Griffin did to piss off Greenskeeper Hagen so much? Maybe he didn't repair a divot? Maybe he didn't fix his ball mark? Maybe he hit his club into a sprinkler head, damaging it? Oh- it would be wrong to speculate? Oops!

Full Story

On a lighter note...

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Banker85 says:
maybe he told him to "eat my shorts" cowabunga! geez how 90's

crazy story though. i would have whopped that old mans a$$
Kurt the Knife says:
dead at 32.
Hope they light this Hagen dude up.
jev says:
Maybe he didn't want to wait for the GK to clear the green and just hit his ball?
Maybe he ran his car in the pond and accused the GK from doing that?
Or maybe he tried a TW with the GK's wife?

Let's face it, golfers sometimes behave like %*&^(#! and seem to forget the ungodly hours most GKs work to get / keep the court in a good condition so *we* can play.

Anyway, we just don't know...
rfree says:
I am about 30 minutes away from Indian Trail, which has quite a few decent courses. Kind of scary how close to home this is.
Bryan K says:
About a year and a half ago, there was an aggravated assault case here in Fargo about a guy (who I play with regularly) who was clobbered with a sand wedge and hospitalized. The guy who did the clobbering has done some jail time, and he is now barred from all of the courses in the tri-state area. Not a happy situation at all.
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