Europe Takes Ryder Cup
By Kickntrue on 10/4/10
Well, the USA made it interesting, but Europe won the Ryder Cup.

A great comeback by Rickie Fowler. Dominating performances by Phil, Tiger and Zach Johnson, but in the end, a bad Sunday afternoon performance doomed the USA who started the singles matches with a huge 3 point deficit.

Heroes for Europe include Graeme McDowell who held off a charging Hunter Mahan to clinch the Cup as well as strong performances by Luke Donald and Ian Poulter.

Congrats to the European team- who just never wants to lose on home soil. We'll see you in 2 years!

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Matt Otskey says:
Tiger is back =]
sepfeiff says:
Top ranked players underperforming big style.

American scores
Stricker 3/4
Cink 2.5/4
Furyk .5/3
Johnson 1/4
Kuchar 2/4
Overton 2/4
Watson 1/4
Woods 3/4
Fowler 1/3
Mickelson 1/4
Johnson 2/3
Mahan 1/3

Hats off to the Euros, just enough to take it away.
Goodlow20 says:
Got to say, I'm really impressed with Fowler after that match. Coming back from Dormie with 3 to play to get the half point. Wow!
TeT says:
Fowler is rookie and was big with his comeback for 1/2 today though... The remainder of the scrubs can be drubbed off the team in the next go around ...
Banker85 says:
well they provided some good drama down the stretch. Mahan totally let the pressure get to him when he fluffed that chip on 17. been there done that. I cant imagine the nerves in that situation. Nice to see Dustin redeem himself from a bad Ryder cup performance and whoop Kaymer the PGA champ.
mjaber says:
Well done by the US to make it as close as they did. Well done by Europe not letting it slip away.
bkuehn1952 says:
After the melt down Sunday, it was exciting to see the USA take it down to the final match. Well done for both teams. A mere 1/2 point swing would have kept the cup in USA hands.

The USA captain's picks acquitted themselves well, collectively going 6-3-5 and delivering 3 of 4 possible points in the singles. Tiger was 8 under par through 15 holes and seems to be pulling things together.
wantes says:
Lee Westwood will become number one golf player soon. He is playing amazingly well and I believe Tiger and Phil both will not play the Fall series.
legitimatebeef says:
I'm just glad we won't have to hear the name "Lisa Pavin" ever again. Hopefully.
Banker85 says:
@wantes: Lee westwood and Ian Poulter = douche bags.

second that legitimatebeef
Envythepea says:
Glad to see Phil redeem himself in singles. What's with him in the Ryder Cups...he stinks it up. Harped on this elsewhere but I can't get over it: lavender??? Come on, Europe can wear lavender, not the U.S.
Swingem says:
Great Ryder Cup! Can't help but wonder how things would have turned out if the USA would have had some respectable duds. Hard to play like a killer when dressed like a five year old.
jrbizzle says:
I think it is very difficult to find a playing partner for Phil. His risk-reward style of play just does not seem to work well in pairs. He hasn't exactly been a singles stud, but overall you have to have him on the team.
Banker85 says:
@Envythepea: oh we hate them too, see:

damn you Lisa Pavin!
Optimus Prime says:
We could have won that things. Did anybody see the team interviews? Hunter was devestated and basically couldn't talk. The World's number 3 player Phil Mickelson took over the interview and made us all proud. That's what leaders do critical times. They step up! The World's number 1 just sat there like a bump on a log and didn't say anything. I've always defended Tiger, but today he showed me he isn't a leader.
mjaber says:
@jrossbeck... I thought he played well with Rickie, even though they lost. He seems to do better in the partner matches (at leat IMO) when he's got a young guy/rookie to take under his wing and help along. He's got a bit of Dad in him.
Envythepea says:
@Banker85 - Oops, I missed that post. Sorry for weighing in late on the lavender thing. I'm over it now...almost
DiC says:
Great Great Ryder Cup. Well done to both teams for making it such an exciting match.
Big respect to all involved.
falcon50driver says:
For a long time, I thought the Ryder Cup was sponsored by Ryder Truck Rentals..DOOP.
stevepaint says:
Bad loser boy "Banker85" right name though
Paolo says:
Great Ryder Cup... I think you lot (Team USA) lost it early doors. Players such as Tiger and Mickleson just didn't turn up until the singles. They looked like completely different player when they played their own selfish game.

Fowler... Even as a European... That was some play in the back 9 of the singles.

European spirit won the day. Ian Poulter saying to the UK press 'I WILL come home with a full point!' and he did. MacDowell was just stunning, solid performance. And then Jiminez winning his first ever singles point.

I don't think the organisers needed to worry about lack of spectators on the Monday sessions... how many people threw a sickie that day ??
wantes says:
Was Tiger in the Ryder Cup?
I mean was he part of the team?
Looked as he played alone.
SilverSliver says:
Well said Optimus Prime. I was surprised Tiger didn't say a word of encouragement for Hunter when others were chipping in. I didn't expect Fowler to say anything being so young but Tiger... you let us down. Moreover, I don't think Corey Pavin did the right thing by sending Hunter down last. Yes, Hunter wanted that position but as a captain he should have exercised his own judgment a little better. Tiger for his experience, even if he didn't asked to be last, should have been the last to go. If he was good enough to make Captain's pick, he was good to play.
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