Bad Shot Leads To Amazing Photo
By Kickntrue on 10/4/10
I'm sure this picture from from Saturday at the Ryder Cup will make it's way around the web. It's pretty amazing that it can even exist. I don't know why a photographer was even allowed to be in a position to capture that shot- though I think Tiger was actually trying to hit the ball further to his left (right in the photo). There is a note that says that Tiger conceded the fact that it was a terrible shot and that the photographer was in an okay position.

Photo Credit 100% deserved by Mail on Sunday photographer Mark Pain who also took a ball of his equipment for his efforts.

Of course- the amazing capture besides- let's talk about what's really hilarious in this picture. Start on the front row on the right side... shouldn't take you long to see it! How did he get out of my Nintendo?! I wonder what Luigi is doing?!

Photo as well as Full Story -

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bkuehn1952 says:
The photo reminds me of all the times we see a tunnel of fans waiting for a player to hit from some spot far off the fairway. Why people are not regularly decapitated by the ensuing shot is a testament to the ability of professional golfers.
Jattruia says:
I can't stop laughing.
sepfeiff says:
HAH! the guy with the cigar on the right. And the kid crouching down in the crowd just left of the ball. Priceless.
mjaber says:
That is an expensive picture...
Mandelbaum! says:
I'm telling you…those TW blades are tough to hit! The guy on the right looks like a Cheech Marin character.
Kickntrue says:
@The Mustache Ride- well done with your new avatar!
Jattruia says:
@Kickntrue - I'm Italian, the pictures probably not far off from what I'll look like in 10 years anyway.
falcon50driver says:
I call photo shop on this one.
Kurt the Knife says:
srogers13 says:
It looks like a drop of water on the lens or some sort of reflection, not a golf ball.
Scott Shields says:
Where is Mario?
rmumph1 says:
That definitely looks like Cheech with a blunt in his mouth. His facial expression is hilarious. Look at he girls head right behind Steve. She looks photo shopped in.
Envythepea says:
No one's commenting on the lavender sweaters that USA was forced to wear. I think it's why we lost.
Banker85 says:
lol i noticed that guy right away! nice face! is that mustache real? i agree total cheech.
shorne says:
Can you see that silver box sticking up on the left side. Its like a periscope from a submarine, you can see someones eyes in it too. I saw them at the Open this year too. Is that something only from the UK?
Kickntrue says:
@shorne- I've seen them before in the USA though not sure if they're allowed in regular PGA Tour events. They are in fact periscopes. You can't get to the front- just see over. I image they work, though I'd hope they're not magnified (never used one). Nothing worse than trying to track a fast-moving object through a pair of binoculars or telescope.
LongTimeAway says:
The Cigar Man has a great expression. The guy in the red shirt to his left has a pretty good expression too with that lopsided smile and slightly squinting left eye.

Steve Williams on the left side of that picture looks pretty intense. I wonder if he tried to go after this photographer. ;-)
dottomm says:
This picture is sure to be an classic of our time.
legitimatebeef says:
I believe the cigar guy is wearing a Miguel Angel Jimenez getup, however odd that is.

Steve Williams looks like he wants to kick your ass.
activesense says:
This website claim they have identified who Cigar Guy is
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