Bird-vertising At The Ryder Cup
By Kickntrue on 10/5/10
I wish I would've actually seen this happen- but apparently a UK gambling company trained hawks and eagles to fly advertising banners at the Ryder Cup.
We've avoided the awful pun of there being 'two kinds of birdie' on the course (damn... maybe we didn't), but the idea - dreamed up by some under-worked PRs at Betfair - is weird enough on its own.

According to the online betting company, the birds of prey have been highly trained to soar above the course in South Wales throughout the three-day competition this weekend.

And they will carry behind them small banners - similar to those usually unfurled behind single-prop aeroplanes - in support of the Europeans.

Bird handler Trevor Smith, from Animals Work, said the air support team - which will fly from a field around the perimeter of the course - have been training for two weeks.
Like I said, I didn't actually see the birds on TV but it sounds pretty crazy. I guess just because it's different it doesn't bother me that much, though I think the planes doing it are annoying. There is just something about training an animal to do something that implies fandom that makes it cool. I'm fine with the hawks rooting for Europe, but I hope a couple eagles rebelled- and only flew for the US of A!

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falcon50driver says:
Steve Miller's new lyrics "I want to fry me an eagle..I want to fry me an eagle, just to see...what it tastes like.... I want to fry me an eagle... I'll use the colonel's recipe"
jev says:
Hehe... haven't seem them either. But... seeing this, I guess it wouldn't be that hard to train these hunting birds to pick up a ball from the air and drop it in the hole for ya.

//makes mental note: never play against a known bird handler :-D
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