Tiger & Phil vs All Comers
This Is Why You Can't Ban Twitter
By Kickntrue on 10/5/10
The best thing Captain Colin Montgomery did... he didn't ban Twitter. That's how we know Tiger and Phil dominated at ping pong last night. Of course, it helps that Europe was drunk from doing Jaegerbombs out of the Ryder Cup.

How do we know all of this?! Rory McIlroy's Twitter account!

Of course the most interesting thing in all of this is that Tiger and Phil were playing doubles ping pong together. I thought they were supposed to hate each other?

I'm just sad there are no pictures of Europe doing the Jaegerbombs from the cup!

Rory McIlroy Twitter

Photo Source- McIlroy

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Dazinkster says:
Great stuff from "the curly haired wunderkid" :D

rmumph1 says:
I noticed Phil has the paddle in his right hand. I wonder if he plays right-handed instead of Left. I would be disappointed. Lefties rule!!!!
guzzlingil says:
rmumph....I always thought Phil was a righty...but plays golf leftie....??
srogers13 says:
Phil is right handed, but learned to play golf left handed as a kid standing in front of his dad mirroring his swing.
guzzlingil says:
that's what I thought
mmontisano says:
Phil and Mike Weir are righties who play golf left handed.
askarzy says:
I could take them in ping pong =).
bducharm says:
The tweets from Poulter were great as well - he tweeted while on stage during the closing ceremonies!!! NICE!!!
coojofresh says:
Hey I want the US team to focus so let’s ban twitter. Result
US losses to the team that didn’t ban twitter. Stupid. here it a story showing that dumb reasoning. there are just so many stupid follow the leader people out there & not enough do your own thing people.
rmumph1 says:
thanks guzz and smrtazz, did not know that. Phil is not one of my favorite players but do like to watch him since he does hit lefty.
cjgiant says:
Was the ban still on last night? I woulda thought it ended after the final match.
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