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Sun Mountain Apologizes
By Kickntrue on 10/6/10
Sun Mountain's PR team put together an open letter to Corey and Lisa Pavin on their Facebook page.
Sun Mountain Sports is very sorry for the way our rain suits performed at the Ryder Cup.

We will apologize to Corey & Lisa Pavin and the U.S. team at our earliest opportunity, and hope they will accept our heartfelt apology for the stress this must have caused.

We are evaluating what happened. Our RainFlex, introduced in 2006, has been extensively and successfully used by over 150 tour players, the 2009 Presidents Cup team, the 2007 and 2009 Walker Cup teams and thousands of PGA professionals.

We believed, as Corey must have, that our RainFlex, built with quiet, stretchable, breathable fabric would be an advantage to the U.S. team. That it was not is a great disappointment. It just was not enough for the torrential rains at Celtic Manor.


Rick Reimers
Owner, Sun Mountain Sports, Inc.
Umm... give me a second. Screw it- I can't hold it in- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Are you serious about this?! I get what Sun Mountain was trying to do, but an open apology letter via Facebook?! A letter that reads like a marketing campaign? Come on!

What Sun Mountain should have done- is called or emailed the Pavins and then let it slip out through sources that you had done so. A couple people would've written about it and it would be forgotten. Your "redemption" could have come in the form of a new series of online "testing videos" where you show your new gear- and people getting dumped on in various ways- and coming out dry. That would've been the place to admit your mistakes, but show that you've fixed them.

While I don't think this was necessarily the right move for Sun Mountain to make, in fairness- I do need to give credit where credit is due. Through the marketing BS of the apology- there is an actual apology, and admission of failed product with the promise to stand behind it and fix it. I think that is the key message that should have been focused on with a letter like this and it was overshadowed- but it IS there. I think a lot of us have tried Sun Mountain gear in the past and liked it. I hope they use this and rebound from it to make even better and affordable product.

Sun Mountain Facebook Apology

[ comments ]
Trav says:
This SM statement could be falling on your sword to not embarrass the client, if the following item is correct:

Kurt the Knife says:
they're all wet.
birdieXris says:
Wow Trav... What an article. Isn't that something though> My question is - why embroider in the first place? Heat seal! I mean, WTF. Secondly, at what point do you not realize that embroidering something pokes holes in it?
Swingem says:
@Trav-Thanks for the link. I speculated that this might be the case in the "Sun Mountain Fail" thread. Who knows what discussions Sun Mountain had with the Pavins, but this point should have been covered, and the final product tested, prior to use.
windowsurfer says:
Can ANY rainsuit designed for golf keep you dry in 4+ hours of hard rain? Only a non-breatheable rubberized cloth suit with a hood could do that and they would be impossible to golf in. At least the suits weren't mauve.
Banker85 says:
i dont think anyone should be shocked that Lisa and really Corey for letting her screwed up on this. Sun mountain though, knowing that the gear would be vounerable, should have said dont use it then if you are going to poke holes in cause it wont work, and make our product look bad casue your dumb wife has stupid designs she has to have on the suits.
Trav says:
@window - good question, but the weren't the Euros dry?
@banker - SM couldn't off the client; they were looking to introduce the new "Lisa" line of sweaters.
jev says:
@windowsurfer: the raingear purchased at the souvenir shop was rainproof I guess. Didn't hear any complaints on those!

The marketing of SM is lousy, an apology is okay but yeah, at least make it look like the gear was tested thoroughly and show that you know what you're doing as a company...
Shane1 says:
Umm, aren't these the same idiots who came out last Friday saying that their rain gear for the Ryder Cup was fine?
Shane1 says:
@Trav - she does wear the sweater rather nicely.....wonder when ESPN will include Lisa in the "Body Pics" like Camilleo? ;)
wrhall02 says:
Terrible marketing attempt...I see no apology just PR BS.

SM owner Rick Reimers is clearing admitting that his Rainflex suit is inferior to the ones bought last minute; "It just was not enough for the torrential rains at Celtic Manor." The other rain suit was...if I was the marketing person at the other rain suit company, I would use Rick's "open" letter as an endorsement. A quick press release; "SM owner admits their Rainflex rain suits can't handle torrential rains, ours can."
windowsurfer says:
Check it out: www.golfdigest.com/golf-tours-news/2010-10/golf-

Press releases are read by the target market (us). Releases are also read by employees, distributors, investors, vendors and competitors. I don't blame Mr. Reimers for pushing back at least a little against what was an unusually large amount of prime time negative coverage that happened when a huge golf TV audience was available and suddenly there was no golf to watch. The Sun Mountain story could easily have been a molehill.
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