Mini Golf Killer Loses Appeal And Will Die
By Kickntrue on 10/6/10
Not sure about my "title" but it fits. A man convicted of murder in a mini-golf course robbery gone bad will still face the death penalty after losing his appeal.
The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has upheld the conviction of a Fort Worth man sent to death row for killing an assistant manager of a mini-golf amusement center during a robbery four years ago.

The state's highest criminal court Wednesday rejected an appeal from 26-year-old Paul David Storey.

He was condemned for gunning down 28-year-old Jonas Cherry in October 2006 at a Putt-Putt Golf and Games center in Hurst, just northeast of Fort Worth.

Evidence showed Storey was a former employee at the amusement center. He collected about $150 in the robbery.
You'd think if this dude worked at the mini golf course he would've known that the register was pretty limited, right?! It's just stupid- plus you ruin the element of anonymity- since all of your ex co-workers know you. And armed robbery?! Most robbery's are just as successful without a weapon and the prison sentence is MUCH shorter. Every criminal knows this (so tv has taught me).

Oh- if you're wondering why I posted this- it's as a public service to any future criminals we may have reading this. Don't knock off a mini golf course. You won't get rich- and you may end up killing someone, and yourself!

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Banker85 says:
what a loser. he must have been high.
lcgolfer64 says:
After reading the story, Wow. It amazes me he did that for $150 at a Putt-putt? Sounds like the gene pool will get a little cleaner...
Prob right, Banker
Shane1 says:
Perhaps he was just upset about not getting a free game after he made a hole-n-one on the windmill hole because he's an employee?
falcon50driver says:
Like Ron White states so eloquently, "You kill someone in Texas, we'll kill you back" We're putting in an express lane on death row.
KVSmith59 says:
hmmm...that photo....not the way I'd want to go
woobwoob says:
OMG that mini golf place is only a couple miles from here... Crazy!
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