Callaway Sale
By Kickntrue on 10/7/10
Last month I mentioned a new site- that offers daily flash deals in golf. They have a pretty good Callaway sale going on right now. Some of the best deals are already sold out- but they still have some great stuff- including X-20 irons for $359, X-22 irons for $519, and a Diablo Edge Driver for $169.

I know initially they had a couple technical issues, but I think they've sorted most of that out.

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Kurt the Knife says:
still doesn't work
lcgolfer64 says:
Ditto what Kurt is saying - each time I've ever tried over the last month to signup/and or login, it's not worked.

Wasn't sure if there was maybe a limit on the number of signups or what. I get the emails from them still, but really don't try to go onto the site anymore. They lost a potential customer here, I guess.
Kurt the Knife says:
I just tried using Firefox browser and I could set up contact info.
Must be an IE security issue.
pucky says:

I am the owner of Kingdom59, and ran across this entry this AM. I am sorry you are facing challenges logging into or joining our site. We have had little or no issue with this to date and we hope to quickly resolve the issues you are facing.

We certainly do not want to lose any potential customers, and we have thousands of customers signing in each day to view our deals. I will extend my phone number in hopes of understanding what is keeping you from doing so. It is probably quite a simple issue. We want you to access these deals, and there is no limit or functionality in place currently that should not allow you to. Please either send me your email address @, so I can update your passwords, or feel free to call me directly at 415 269 0240. Would love to help you check us out at Kingdom59. Thanks
lcgolfer64 says:
I'll certainly give it another try (I'll try Firefox first, [ Thanks Kurt ] as I know IE has its issues)

Appreciate the standout support you've just offered, speaks very highly of your commitment - definitely going to go back and give another try!
Trav says:
FWIW, I was able to sign up today using IE7.
brian575 says:
I was able to sign up using Chrome
cincystephen says:
it works if you use the Tab button to fill out the feilds and dont click anywhere on the sign up or sign in screen with your mouse.
pucky says:
Hey gang,

Thanks for the kind words, but it goes without saying. The only reason this site is live is because we want to give you (golfers) more value where we can. Glad so many are finding sign up to be is supposed to be. ;-)

We are looking into any IE related issues and I will report back. We do cross-browser test regularly so if there is a bug it will be fixed.

LC Golfer> if you are getting our emails, you must already have a log in ID/Password. Email me direct and we can update everything so you can log in without having to sign up again.

Thanks all. BTW, any feedback on our deals. We launch Antigua Apparel tomorrow and Tour Edge next week. Appreciate the dialogue.
cph2133 says:
Have no issue signing up or logging in. Although I did sign up when the initial article was posted on OOB.

I haven't bought anything yet. They're great deals, but I can get things at Cost minus Personal Use Discount, which is a better deal than anything that has been offered so far.
pucky says:
TaylorMade Up to 60% off right now on Kingdom59. Please let me know if you are facing any challenges logging in.

Putt It says:
I purchased a set of wedges on November 11th. Today is 12.01.10 At this time I have not received my clubs. I have heard back from Allen (owner of 59) one time telling me that the clubs are shipping. That was over a week ago. I truly hope that Allen is a good guy and that Kingdom59 is not one of those sights. If I get my clubs then I truly got a great deal.
Putt It says:
I am back and VERY happy. I Sent Kingdom 59 an e-mail and Alan [owner] replied back in a couple of hours. Alan said that he/they have been very busy and that my clubs were on thier way. Friday the UPS guy had my clubs! Thanks again Alan for being a stand up guy. Looking forward to many more purchasess with Kingdom 59.
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