What is Private Golf Worth to You?
By Kickntrue on 2/22/07
How much would you pay to play world class private golf courses? Tour GCX is hoping around $6500 for 10 rounds with 3 of your best friends. Tour GCX is a company that is getting some press with their idea to cater to wealthy individuals or companies who want to provide the best golfing experience available on the most exclusive courses. There are 25+ courses participating.

I actually like the idea- and think it could take off. My only gripe is that the site doesn't tell you what courses you have access to or the price. I found the price (Around $6500) on another site and still have no clue on the courses available, although for now it looks like it is mostly in the New York Metro area. For an individual- 10 rounds with 3 friends at $6500 is really not a terrible deal if you have the money. That's about $175 a round per person. Not bad if they are really great courses.

If anyone from here tries it out- let us know. We'd love to know more.


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falcon50driver says:
Is your freakin' spell check broke again?
Kickntrue says:
Fixed- you happy?!

Freakin-A. The sad thing is I did it twice- so it wasn't even a mistype- I'm just a moron!

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