Tiger's Taking Momma Home
By Kickntrue on 10/7/10
I'm sure Momma Woods hasn't been the proudest mother the past year. It looks like El Tigre is trying to make amends by playing an event in Thailand for the first time in 10 years.
World number one Tiger Woods will travel to his mother Kultida's native Thailand next month to play in a one-day Skins game.

The 14-times major winner will join Thai number one Thongchai Jaidee, Britain's Paul Casey and Camilo Villegas of Colombia in a four-man, 18-hole event at the Amata Spring Country Club in Bangkok on November 8, organizers said on Thursday.

It will be Woods's first competitive appearance in Thailand for 10 years.

The Skins game takes place the day after the final round of the Champions Tournament in Shanghai, an event Woods is also due to compete in.
I realize now I misread the article and that it doesn't say anywhere that his mother Kultida will actually be going with him... but it's already written, and I'd have to grab my mouse, move the cursor, erase it, and then think of something new. Sure, that would be faster than explaining all of this... but don't underestimate my laziness and the the amount of effort it takes to START a task versus continuing one you are already doing. That's rule #453 in the Procrastinator Handbook.

And there. Not only did you get a golf story- but a life lesson. My work is done here. I'll see you tomorrow!

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falcon50driver says:
Since I don't take a newspaper anymore this is my only news source. Thanks.
mustang6560 says:
Duke of Hazards says:
Where can I get a copy of said handbook?
legitimatebeef says:
Shane1 says:
You don't suppose he's going over there for some Thai hookers or anything, do you?
Kickntrue says:
www.humorbin.com/showitem.asp?item=867 there is your handbook.
KeithH says:
Kickntrue, thanks for the link. I plan to check that out some day.
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