Roll Tide! Still Number 1!
By Kickntrue on 10/11/10
I don't care what you think. The Alabama Crimson Tide are still the number 1 team in the country. Of course, I'm speaking of the women's golf team.
The top-ranked Alabama women’s golf team completed its wire-to-wire victory at the Tar Heel Invitational on Sunday with a record-shattering 28-under-par total of 836 on the par-72, 6,285-yard UNC Finley Golf Course.

After back-to-back school-record rounds on Friday and Saturday, the Crimson Tide fired a steady 3-under-par 285 on Sunday to complete their second victory in three tries this season. Alabama, which is No. 1 in the Golf World/NCGA Coaches’ poll, beat LSU who is No. 1 in the Golfweek/Sagarin Performance Index, by 12 strokes. It was also the tournament scoring record by 14 shots.
I really should send this to my grandmother, who lives in 'Bama. I tried calling her over the weekend and she was so distraught I couldn't understand her through her tears. Seriously, she is the biggest football fan in the world. It's unbelievable awesome!

Anyway- Roll Tide... you know except for September 10, 2011, when I'll have to ask you to Roll Over... and then we'd still lose.

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Clint24 says:
War Eagle!
Nethmonkey says:
tOSU numbah 1!!! n stuff!!
srogers13 says:
I heard Alabama is thinking about changing their mascot. They are no longer going to be known as The Crimson Tide, they will be known as the Alabama Maggots. It seems they have been feeding off of a dead Bear for over 25 years.
Clint24 says:
@imasmrtazz- old- "What do Alabama fans and maggots have in common? They both live off dead Bears."
Before Saban came, our favorite one was "Where do you go if there's a tornado warning in Tuscaloosa County? Bryant-Denny Stadium, because there are no touchdowns there!"
SweetJazz says:
Sorry, but that crimson dog still don't hunt. My beloved Ohio State is #1 for the duration............
Kurt the Knife says:
sometimes wish I had a home team.
I went to a rural university. No team to speak of.
My daughter an illustration major in private art school... not much motivation to rumble there. Really, their mascot is a mythical beast of greek antiquity representing the multiple and often competing motivations and desires within ourselves. grr
My niece at U of O... hmmm

Go!! .... ducks?
falcon50driver says:
True story..My wife went to an all girls' school. Their mascot? The BEAVERS.
Matt F says:
Got one better Merlin...DuBois, PA High School team is the Golden Beavers!

666 Iron says:
Kurt the Knife says:
Go!!... seed of deciduous genus Aesculus!!

I might even prefer the mythical Chimera at CCA.

I guess deeper examination of mascot's origins was not intended by their creators.
rmumph1 says:
Geaux Tigers!!!! I did not even know the golf team was #1 is that pole. Football overshadows any other sport down here.
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