"I can touch my toes!"
Butch Harmon Thinks You Need Pilates!
By Kickntrue on 3/1/07
I can make you laugh this morning! Just think of famed golf coach Butch Harmon rolling around on a big pink pilates ball. Butch along with creator Sarah Christensen are selling "Hole in One Pilates", a program so successful Butch can now tie his own shoes without pain (that's really in there). I'm not making light of the program, if it's your thing- go for it!
"With Hole in One Pilates, not only am I hitting the ball farther, I can now tie my shoes without pain!" said Butch Harmon, Golf Digest's top golf instructor and coach.

The Hole in One Pilates golf exercises are designed for golfers new to Pilates. The program includes a sixty-five-minute DVD for golfers new to Pilates. It covers Pilates techniques and golf exercises to improve the golf swing and reduce risk of injury, including:
* Injury Prevention Warm-up which can be done every day.
* Exercises to hit the ball farther.
* Exercises to hit the ball straighter.
* On-the-course routine incorporating the golf cart and club.

Butch's Pilates

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pilatestci says:
As a certified Pilates for Golf instructor on Providenciales, Turks & Caicos (where we do have an excellent course, by the way) I am thrilled to see this on your blog!
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