Holy Hail That's Bad!
By Kickntrue on 10/12/10
You've got to see what a nasty hail storm did to a course in Wichita, Kansas, last month!
The National Weather Service in Wichita, KS reports a thunderstorm produced a massive hailstorm in the vicinity of that golf course on September 15. In some areas, the hail stones were larger than softballs. The biggest stone had a circumference of 15.7 inches (39.9 cm), weighed 1.1 pounds (0.5 kg) and had a diameter of 7.75 inches (19.7 cm), a new state record for Kansas.
I'm guessing that's not going to be cheap, but at least it's just the golf course. Imagine all of the cars and buildings that now have dimples. Uggh.

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Thanks to Trav for the tip!

photo source - NASA's Earth Science Picture of the Day

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birdieXris says:
"MCFIDDISH!!!! do you know what i just saw!!!!!! Do you KNOW what gophers can do to a golf course?!
Bryan K says:
We had some softball sized hail here about three years ago. You do NOT go outside in that. I went on to my porch, which is sheltered on top, just to get a piece (so I could believe my eyes), and it was friggin scary. In the 30 seconds I was out there, I saw several people try to run outside presumably to try to save their cars only to get about five steps before running back in. I wasn't golfing back then, so I have no idea what it did to the golf course. I do, however, know what it can do to a parking lot.
MiddleAgedGuy says:
Greenskeeper, I'd like to complain about this year's aeration program?!?
Ben Crane says:
Man, a bunch of people at that course need to learn to repair their divots!
Trav says:
I'm guessing Jeff Overton won't play in that event...
falcon50driver says:
God doesn't have to repair his divots, he has people.
Clint24 says:
That would need one big divot tool.
paperclip says:
Looks like the moon turned green
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