Why Couldn't Helen Keller Drive?
By Kickntrue on 10/14/10
Because she was a woman. Just like this Ohioan female.
State police said an Ohio woman proved that not all drivers are welcome at one Erie-area golf course. Forty-nine-year-old Susan Fishpaw, of Bucyrus, Ohio, remained jailed Wednesday on assault, reckless endangerment and other charges for allegedly driving her Cadillac DeVille on several holes at the Crab Apple Ridge Golf Course on Monday afternoon.

Course owner Rusty Tracy told the Erie Times-News his course was busier than usual on the Columbus Day holiday. His son hurt his arm trying to stop her in his pickup truck, which police said was rammed by Fishpaw, along with several golf carts.

State police said she wasn't drunk or on drugs at the time.
And this is why we try to keep people from Ohio out of Pennsylvania.

I just can't believe she wasn't drunk or high.

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And "just because" you can waste :34 seconds of your day. It starts out as the clip I was looking for... then just get's weird. Like some internet meme that never quite took.

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Banker85 says:
women do really suck at driving. i dont get it.
greendevil says:
Terrible video!

Who wants to go into Pennsylvania anyway; especially since everybody is either a Steelers or Phillies fan. The state has the worst fans in world!
Kickntrue says:
@IsuK- funny. in NY they call those kind of fans "passionate." In Boston- that kind of fan is "lifelong." In Ohio, they're known as "non-existent."
svj says:
really, yes our nfl teams might not be good, but i do remember a year when the steelers had to take out carson palmer knee to get to the super bowl and i dont care what Pennsylvania got, you never have anything like THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES. even pryor thinks pennsylvania sucks...
birdieXris says:
I live in PA and even I hate PA sportsfans.
SD Charlie says:
Heck, I just want to comment on the hilarious video from Happy Gilmore. I was in stitches (at work, no less). I went to college in PA, and know many a PA sports fan. It's true, they're crazier than a 3-dollar bill. Living in Southern California now, I appreciate crazy fans - way better than fair-weather, ho-hum fans out here. However, I'll never get why Eagles fans hated McNabb so much. It's almost like they like him more on the rival Redskins.
mjaber says:
I spent a year in Erie one month a couple years ago... My boss was there for a day or 2 and couldn't put his finger on what was so weird about the city. I looked at him and said "It's just 'eerie'"
greendevil says:
@svj, well said.
falcon50driver says:
I'm still mad about the Billy White shoes touchdown against the Steelers that was ruled no TD when he was clearly down with both feet. It knocked the Houston Oilers out of the playoffs and they never played well again.
legitimatebeef says:
Don't make this a sexist thing. This is not 1950. Male motorists are still responsible for most automobile-related tragedies. This sausage party of a website could use more females.
Kickntrue says:
@legitmatebeef- Nice try man.. but your chivalry isn't going to get a hot female NYC golfer to Private Message you and ask you for a date at Bethpage Black. :)

Point taken though...
bducharm says:
True story - guy in Wisconsin takes his 8 year old daughter with him to the bar because he was going to drink. He let her drive home because he was too drunk. She hit many cars on the way home - and you know what this proves?

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