Golf Is The New Sex
By Kickntrue on 10/15/10
You've heard about managers or coaches banning sex before a big match, right? Well- one Premier League Manager (that's soccer) is banning golf 48 hours before an event. Birmingham Manager Alex McLeish explains,
"Golfing so close to a football match, it stands to reason it is going to take it out of your legs.

"If you are marching around a golf course then it is quite demanding to go play a game of football 24 or 48 hours later."

"We have a 48-hour ruling, it is in the club rules.

"It is so intensive a league rest is important and days off are also not about going out and getting pissed and sleeping the hangover off."
This is actually great fodder for me to use with the wife. I keep trying to tell her how great an exercise is- but she always claims the cart makes it irrelevant. Well- take THIS honey! English Premier League players can't play golf because it's so taxing!

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srogers13 says:
Just hope she does not use the no golf 48 hours before sex card on you.
Kickntrue says:
@imasmrtazz (yes you are)- ooh.. that would be bad.
Duke of Hazards says:
As a mid-30's moderately out of shape 8 hrs behind the desk, in front of a computer guy, I can tell you that walking 18 holes is a fair bit of exercise, but in my current state, I wouldn't last 3 minutes playing soccer at a professional pace on a full-sized field. Pro Soccer (or Football, if you prefer) players are in ridiculously good shape, I highly doubt playing golf is going to tire them out. Besides, who 'marches' on a golf course anyway? Golf is a game of leisure. Seems like the 'getting pissed and drunk' part is the real issue.
rmumph1 says:
The wife uses no Sex 48 hours after golf rule on me, but I still go play.
Pappybro says:
So if you only play nine holes, it's no-sex for 24 hours?
MiddleAgedGuy says:
@Duke -- reading your post: "...I wouldn't last 3 minutes..." [OH MAN, DON'T GO THERE] "...playing soccer..." [WHEW!!!]
rmumph1 says:
@pappybro-doesn't matter how much I play, as soon as I walk out the door the no sex starts. So I should at least play 36 holes.
jdhowens says:
I doubt that they use carts, though - not so common here in the UK!
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