Jimmie Johnson Loves Golf
By Kickntrue on 10/15/10
NASCAR and golf would seem to get along about as well as oil and water. For the fans, this may be true- but the actual drivers, we'll they're rich white guys- so they fit right in.
On Wednesday, Johnson participated in a little team golf-skills competition with the PGA's JJ Henry (not to be confused with JJ Yeley, of course) at Texas Motor Speedway. They played closest-to-the-pin in the infield, putted up the side of a 24-degree banked turn, and drove the ball off the top of the Speedway Club into the infield.

The event was designed to promote the AAA Texas 500, and did a fine job of doing exactly that. Now, if they could just have a few golfers dropping balls onto the track while a race was going on, that'd get some new viewers tuning in.
Gimmic, yes. Fun, sure. I'm all for goofing off.

What really caught my eye about this story was the picture (you need to click through to see it). I'm not a NASCAR fan, though I've been to a NASCAR event and even did one of the ride in the car experiences. It's really hard without seeing it- to realize how ridiculously banked these tracks are- to keep a car on them at 200 MPH. This pictures shows this pretty well.

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Clint24 says:
Jimmie and most of the rest of the NASCAR drivers are big golfers. Every change they get theyre out on the course. There is a video on youtube on Clint Bowyer puting an exploding ball on the tee for Kevin Harvick to hit. Jimmie's probably the best golfer in the sport, but thats not saying much. These guys are terrible! Inidianapolis Motor Speedway even has a golf course inside the track- 9 holes inside and 9 outside.
Kickntrue says:
@clint24- I'm just glad you commented. i was getting worried that i threw up a complete dud... i mean, i'm not god's gift to blogging, but I don't think I've had a commentless post in a couple months. :)
Kickntrue says:
just looked- last time had a post with no comments was 3/19/10. you cans can still change that- oobgolf.com/content/fore+play/1-3622-Nike_Doing_

man.. i'm lame. have a good weekend.
bkuehn1952 says:
No comment
Clint24 says:
@kickntrue- I'm a little surprised not more people have commented. When you posted about your trip to Dega, there were tons of comments. Blogging may not be a God given gift, but I really enjoy reading what you come up with. I love using oob.

How awesome would it be to play that 'course' at Texas! I'd love to be able to hit a golf ball from a couple hundred feet up in the air. I know a lot of people don't like Jimmie, but he's a really good guy. Last week when the Series stopped in Fontana, California, Jimmie held his usual Jimmie Johnson Foundation Celebrity Golf Tournament, which earns a LOT of money for his charity.
falcon50driver says:
In the late nineties I was shuttling NASCAR mechanic crews between races. On one trip between Charlotte N.C. and Brooklyn Michigan and got invited to play in a golf tournament by Geoff Bodine. I think he was driving the QVC car at the time. He and his brothers Todd and Brett were all pretty good golfers. Geoff fit in really well with the other drivers, even though he is not a Southers boy. He's from New York.
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