David Duval Back On Tour
By Kickntrue on 10/20/10
David Duval has played plenty of golf in the past year- based on his history on Tour. Next year- he'll play as a card-toting PGA Tour member- all on his own.
Duval returned last year with a resume unlike any other at Q-school - a 13-time tour winner, British Open champion, former No. 1 in the world. He didn't want to be there. But without a tour card, Duval felt that's where he was supposed to be.


Duval failed again. He shot 79 in the fourth round, never recovered and finished in a tie for 78th, a category that doesn't even award full status on the Nationwide Tour.

As expected, Duval got into enough tournaments and received enough sponsor exemptions to put together a decent schedule. And he played well enough in two tournaments - a tie for second at the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, and a tie for sixth last week in the Frys.com Open - so that he won't be going back to school.

He is No. 99 on the money list with two tournaments remaining. Duval is playing Las Vegas this week, hopeful of a win. At the very worst, he gets to return to The Players Championship next year for the first time since 2006.
I've never considered myself a huge Duval fan, but I know a lot of people are. Maybe it's not as good as an underdog story, but sports fans are a sucker for a comeback or redemption story- and this one with Duval is about as good as it gets.

Good to see him back- completely earned by his play (with help from a couple generous sponsors).

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sepfeiff says:
FIRST to say that it would be cool for David Duval to have a comeback. another player clawing his way up is Paul Stankowski... 6 time winner struggling to get his tour card back.
legitimatebeef says:
Hmmm, something about this guy resonates with people. Not sure why, but among golf fans that I know, Duval will not disappear. I got a text last week from my doofus buddy - "Go Duval!!!" after he shot a decent round at that Frys open. Are you kidding me??? To me this (and the fact that John Daly is still one of the top golf stars) speaks of the sad state of US golf. People are still hung up on a player whose peak was over a decade ago, a guy who himself admits that golf isn't even that important in his life. WTF?? Who cares.
mjaber says:
I give Duval props for going about getting his Tour card the right way. A former #1, a major champion, going through Q-school instead of just relying on sponsor's exemptions. He showed that he doesn't think he's better than anyone else on tour, in terms of entitlement. Sure, he probably got more exemptions than some kid just out of college, but he never shied away from trying to do it on his own.

Unlike Daly, who also doesn't have his card, but continues to try and get exemptions, relying on his "fame" to get into tournaments.
birdieXris says:
@legitimatebeef - Well they have to be hung up on someone since the young guns aren't really doing a whole lot other than Dustin Johnson. Just look at the winners this year, it's a lot of the same names that i've been looking at for the last decade. Rocco Mediate anyone?
Banker85 says:
I was gonna ask about John Daly, so he is not in the top 125 on the money list this year?
bducharm says:
I first had an encounter with Duval in 1994 while working the Texas Open. He was very "stand-offish". His life has taken a turn for the better with his wife and step-kids. His interview with ESPN shows that he has found out what life truly means (faith and family) and he appears to be a more approachable guy. Good for him.
mjaber says:
@Banker... Daly is close to #200 on the money list.
Panerai111 says:
I'm no skinny guy myself, but Duval just looks weird. Like a midget. His clothes are way too baggy.
alnova1 says:
I was never a Duval fan when he was number 1 but I feel for a guy that goes through things that we all do..Good luck.
Duke of Hazards says:
I agree, Panerai. Something about his body proportions are 'off'. That said, it would be cool if he made a comeback. The guy certainly has some serious golf skills.
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