Fuzzy Zoeller Suing Over Bad Wikipedia Info
By Kickntrue on 2/22/07
Fuzzy Zoeller is suing a Florida law firm because one of its employees posted false info about Fuzzy on a Wikipedia page. Instead of suing Wikipedia, Fuzzy worked with lawyers to track down the source of the info. The law firm is being sued on behalf of the employee. Pretty Bizarre. You will find the full story at Deadspin.com, where it links out to the legal docs. (Fuzzy)

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klangdon says:
I think its actually pretty cool that he tracked down the source instead of going after wikipedia. Kinda pisses me off when people think different rules apply on the web and hide behind some online identity to do things that they would never do in real life.
falcon50driver says:
I thought it was going to be about his "watermelon and Ribs" comment about the new masters dinner menu.
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