Rickie Fowler In, Justin Bieber Out
By mustang6560 on 10/21/10
In case you missed it, Rickie Fowler is OFFICIALLY cooler than Justin Bieber. Just ask Justin Timberlake.
Justin Timberlake was speaking at the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open on Tuesday when he gave a unique endorsement of one of the tournament's biggest draws.

"Andy Garcia is going to be here; Jerry Rice is gonna be here," Timberlake said, when asked to talk up his tournament, which will be played at TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas, Thursday through Sunday. "I don't know. Yeah, Rickie Fowler. You know, that should get some young girls out here, shouldn't it? Right?

"Rickie Fowler is like -- I don't know, I think he's cooler than Justin Bieber," added Timberlake, who admits he's neglected his golf game while doing press for The Social Network and shooting two other films. "Did I throw the gauntlet down? Oh, whatever. I'm taking Rickie Fowler."
I don't think there's much to argue about here. Well, unless you're a 12-year old girl.

I have to agree with T-Lake. Rickie Fowler is definitely much cooler than Justin Bieber because Fowler gets to do something I'm envious of: playing professional golf all across the world. Long gone are the days of wanting to be a POP star for me.

Some may not like JT, but you have to give him props for his business savvy. All he is trying to do is build up excitement and gain publicity ahead of his charity tournament this weekend. And what better way to do that than by talking about Rickie Fowler, arguably the biggest golfing name in the tournament, who is one of the rising stars of the PGA.

So what is it for you - POP idol or PGA golfer?

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Scott Shields says:
PGA Golfer ... everytime.
Banker85 says:
JT is the coolest of them all
legitimatebeef says:
coojofresh says:
rickie is cool, just short lol
cjgiant says:
I will admit to thinking JT was a joke early on, but the guy has something going on (business savvy is probably right) that has turned my thinking.
Matt F says:
The only fever I've got is for more cowbell. Not Bieber.
mjaber says:
The only thing "cool" about Bieber is that he's been making fun of Tom Brady's hair.
bducharm says:
@mjaber - that is pretty darn cool!!! I think Rickie Fowler is going to be a HUGE star on the PGA Tour - I predicted he would win this year! He better come through dammit!!!
SD Charlie says:
What's not to like about JT? He's a talented musician (though his music isn't my style), a pretty good actor, and a 6 handicap! Plus, he dated Britney before she went crazy.
dartboss04 says:
don't forget he has been with cameron diaz and i think he's still with jessica biel...JT is the man!
Kurt the Knife says:
the Fonz is cool
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