Ryder Cup Captain Escapes Car Crash
By mustang6560 on 10/22/10
Colin Montgomerie, Team Europe captain at the Ryder Cup, was involved in a four-vehicle crash yesterday back in his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. Nobody involved in the accident needed to be hospitalized and Colin escaped with just minor injuries.
Montgomerie said a van slammed into his car, and then his car was struck by a truck and another car. He added that he was pulled from the car by other drivers.

"It was a terrible shock, and I am lucky to have come out of it relatively unscathed," he said.
I always think it's weird when I see celebrities like Monty involved in accidents. For some reason, I think celebrities are untouchable and they live long, relatively safe lives up there on their perch looking down. Getting in car crashes is something us regular people do.

I am glad to see, though, that Monty was unharmed in the accident and nobody involved sustained an life-threatening injuries. Drive safe out there people!

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Swingem says:
I heard that the van was driven by Lisa Pavin.....Sorry, just kidding! Glad Monty's OK.
Banker85 says:
good one swing em. prob was a woman tho.
Kurt the Knife says:

Alcohol involved?
garfield220 says:
I've watched him on the TV channel and thought he was a great driver.
Don BR
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