iPod Costs High School Golf Team Tournament
By mustang6560 on 10/22/10
While some of the rules of golf may be arcane - even downright stupid - they exist therefore they are.

You may take issue with a rule, or disagree with it, but if you don't obey it, you will get penalized. And for the Auburn High School golf team in Grafton, Massachusetts, they had to learn the hard way.

One of their players was disqualified from the district tournament because he was listening to his iPod during the final two holes of competition. With his disqualification, the team missed the opportunity of playing in the state tournament.

While the U.S. Golf Association rules permits golfers to wear electronic devices as long as they do not communicate information on course conditions, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association does not.
The 18th green was a lonely place at Highfields Golf and Country Club in Grafton after Auburn High School golfer Matt Carville was disqualified for listening to his iPod for the last two holes.

That cost his team a spot in the state tournament by one stroke. "I could see the disappointment on the coach's face," said Grafton High coach Jack Graham, who was there with his team.

His fellow coach from Auburn, Mike Kaczynski, told the Telegram and Gazette, "I am so saddened by this. This is a great disappointment for our team."
This is one of those things that you hate to see happen to someone. And in this particular case, the whole team was negatively affected. When Dustin Johnson grounded his club in a "hazard" at Whistling Straits effectively costing himself a chance at the trophy, it only hurt him (you're welcome Martin Kaymer). Not only was this young golfer from MA disqualified, but his whole team missed a chance to play at the state tournament. And to throw salt on the wound, they missed the cut by one stroke...(one stroke)!

To be fair on the MIAA, they clearly stated the rules before the tournament and handed out rule sheets before the tournament started regarding the use of electronic devices. What more could they have done?

If I was the coach, I would have asked my players ahead of the tournament to give me their cell phones and iPods. If they are not legal for play, why have them in your bag? It's hard for me to have too much sympathy in this case. It seems like this could have easily been avoided.

Look on the bright side. At least this happened early on for this teenager in his golfing career and not when a major victory is on the line!

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Banker85 says:
hope his teamates beat his BEEP!
dartboss04 says:
stupid rule...so what if he needed to blast "eye of the tiger" to get him through the home stretch...
tennesseeboy says:
This is a good rule.

As one of my high school teachers said MANY MANY years ago. "It's that rock and roll music that's ruining kids today. They listen to it all the time and it's makein um crazy"
pheasantdog says:
I think it's a good rule... He could have been playing something to help him keep his swing in rhythm - which then becomes a swing aid. With an iPod, no one else but him could hear it.
Kurt the Knife says:
da rulz...
cmuidiot says:
It's the kid's fault. Bet he got an awful waffle when they got back to the school.
Pappybro says:
"At least this happened early on for this teenager in his golfing career and not when a major victory is on the line!"

That's assuming he'll have a golfing career after this...
askarzy says:
Stupid rules is stupid.
munk24 says:
the reason that rules exists is to prevent someone from using a tempo timer, such as Tour Tempo, that is strictly against all rules of golf. My son played in college tournaments where players were allowed to use their ipods, but had to make sure no songs they listen to would be tempo songs, therefore giving them an advantage over those who did not.
slizenyuten says:
no respect to the game of golf.
Bryan K says:
I find it hard to believe that this kid actually thought this was okay!

When I'm all by myself on a golf course, which happens frequently since I like to play every day regardless of the weather durig the season, I'll sometimes play my mp3 player. However, if there is even one other individual on the course, the mp3 player gets put away. I also never wear earphones on the course.

Golf can be a dangerous game. If I'm wearing earphones and don't hear someone yell "fore", it could mean my life.
cph2133 says:
"I find it hard to believe that this kid actually thought this was okay!"

Yea, what was he thinking? When I saw the link I assumed it was being used on the practice area/driving range and thought "that's kinda dumb".

But in the middle of a round, how would he think he'd get away with it? Especially when it explicitly says "No electronic devices" on the rules sheet.
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