The PGA TOUR Fall Series
By mustang6560 on 10/25/10
Johnathan Byrd's victory Sunday got me thinking about the PGA TOUR Fall Series.

I had the priviledge of attending this year's Viking Classic at Annandale Country Club and had a great time. After I saw the eventual winner Bill Haas hit a 300+ yard drive into the wind, I remember thinking to myself, "man, the Fall Series does not get the attention it deserves".

While the Fall Series attracts some larger names like Bill Haas, Trevor Immelman, John Daly, etc., it lacks the big names like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. The thing is though, the guys playing in the Fall Series ARE good, they are just coming off an injury or have been struggling or some just want to play golf closer to home.

I understand the purpose of the Fall Series is to give borderline TOUR Players the opportunity of keeping their TOUR card for the next year. But I don't understand why each Fall Series tournament does not get more coverage.

The Viking Classic was covered by The Golf Channel, but it was broadcast on a tape delay. I didn't stay for the entire time the day I went to Annandale because I thought I could go home and catch the end on TV. I was sadly disappointed. To be fair, the Viking Classic was sharing the limelight with another little tournament. You might have heard of it - The Ryder Cup.

The Golf Channel was able to show some live coverage at the Shriners Open in Vegas last weekend because it was out in Nevada and they are on PST. And having Justin Timberlake's name in the title of the event didn't hurt either.

But, I think if the Fall Series is ever going to get the respect it deserves, then the PGA is going to have to do a better job of trying to get coverage for it. The big time names are never going to come if the tournament is not going to get better coverage. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I think it's possible to entice a big name player playing at the top of his game out to Madison, Mississippi one day. And you better believe I'll be there.

Does anyone else out there follow the Fall Series? Or is just football now?

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Kickntrue says:
FOOTBALL! Unfortunately- I think the Fall Series is what it is- and gets the attention it deserves. Except in the case of an amazing occurrence- like the Ace yesterday to win, how can it really get our love?! There are too many other things to do in the fall with your weekends- including better things on TV.
bducharm says:
I definitely watch more football this time of year but still watch the golf tournaments. It is difficult to promote the events when the big name guys are not playing but you are definitely correct - those guys can play! Rocco winning was AWESOME, Byrd's ace was incredible - looking for something special from Disney! The Palm and Magnolia courses are good tracks...
mschad says:
@bducharm: "Rocco winning was AWESOME"
The last 3 holes of the Open was the most exciting and entertaining golf I have seen in years!
rmumph1 says:
Football, World Series and NBA about to start soon. Hard to squeeze in golf with those out there. It does sound like I missed some good golf these last few tournaments.
Swingem says:
Saturday is for playing golf, Sunday is for Euro golf on TV because it's on early, and Football the rest of the day. This weekend I started the BBQ at 8AM on Sunday, and put two racks of ribs that I had prepared on Saturday on the BBQ, then tended the ribs the rest of the day while watching FB. On Saturday night, Awesome Wife gave me an early birthday present (50th) of a Scotty Cameron Fastback 1 putter, and informed me that next weekend would be Saturday and Sunday rounds at Pasatiempo with my Bandon Crew. Wife is awesome! Won't be watching much PGA till next year.
carv712 says:
@swingem: are you ~*#^ing serious??? I officially hate you and your wife for making me resent my girlfriend without her having done anything wrong. As for the Fall Series: if more marketing effort went into it and that subsequently resulted in more respectable names playing the events the Tiger's and Phil's of the world may take away some oppurtunities for borderline guys to keeping their cards for next year(the whole point of Fall Series.)
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