Snake Bite, No Problem
By Kickntrue on 10/27/10
Ladies European Tour player Melissa Reid was bitten by a snake on the 16th hole, got medical attention, then birdied the hole.
Melissa Reid, during the second round of The Sanya Ladies Open in China, was bitten by a snake "whilst playing the 16th hole." (No name was given for the snake - we'll call him Fred.) Reid was tended to by a doctor for about 20 minutes, then she chipped to six feet and made birdie. She lipped out for birdie at 17 and made par at 18 to shoot 68.

Now that's tough!

How's this for an on-the-ball caddy? Reid gets bitten and caddy Lee Griffiths says "I can see it's bitten you because it's bleeding." Thanks Lee.

Reid went on to shoot 69 in the final round to finish the tournament at -1 (T16) after opening with a 78.
I guess when you're playing for money- you keep playing. My butt would've been freaking out in the clubhouse. Once my fears of dying subside- I'd be drinking beer and telling everyone how tough and brave I was. Clearly Reid is tougher than me.

Oh- bonus that Reid is a little cutey- featured on multiple "Hottest Female Golfers" type lists. I decided to link you to a couple of those as well (sadly there are no "free use" pics of her on the web, which is why you get "the snake"). Enjoy!

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birdieXris says:
wow. she is SMOKIN' HOT!!! She looks like she's no stranger to the outdoors though. she has that "yea i go rock climbing, snowboarding, camping, and rafting for fun ...... before breakfast." look to her.
cincystephen says:
She did an interview this morning on PGA xm radio. I think they will re-air it at 2pm Teed Off time slot. Work doesn't block yet so I can listen :) She was told that 80% of the snakes in the area are poisonious, but she decided to take her chances since she was playing good.
Kickntrue says:
@cincystephen- Thanks for the headsup on the story! It's a good one.
Bryan K says:
Smokin' hot is right. Yowser.

That said, I think I could tough out a snake bite. A bite from a 6+ legged creature, though, would have me in hysterics.
Bryan K says:
Man...that first picture on the top link....she has a look that just says "**** *** **** *** *** **** *** ***** *****".
Banker85 says:
no freakin way would she ever be classified as HOT. cutey is about it... and of course she is tougher than you you're a blogger. ZING!
Matt F says:
It was pretty obvious she wasn't playing in Australia. Come to Australia, you might accidentally get killed!
Bryan K says:
lol... Australia. I've always wanted to visit, but I'm a bit sqeemish about any place where the national language is screaming.
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