Anyone else catch the irony?
American Golf Census
By Kickntrue on 10/27/10
There is currently an American Golf Census going on and while I'm not sure your participation really matters towards the "goals" of the census- you can at least win awesome prizes.
More than 27 million Americans play nearly 500 million rounds each year. Golf’s economic impact is huge, as the industry provides hundreds of thousands of jobs and contributes billions of dollars annually to the nation’s economy and charities.

Playing golf is also immensely satisfying. The camaraderie. The competition. The feeling of hitting a great shot. It all adds up to an experience unlike any other, one that deserves recognition.

That’s why we created the American Golf Census. It gives golfers the chance to support the game, simply by being counted, so policymakers will better understand how golf enhances the lives of millions of Americans from all walks of life. If you play golf, please take part in the census. You’ll be automatically eligible to win some spectacular golf prizes from once in a lifetime trips to Pebble Beach and St. Andrews, to thousands of equipment prizes from TaylorMade, Callaway, and Nike.
Supposedly they want to use the data to help make sure golf is represented in the government and such... which I suppose is fair enough. Hey- did you hear the part about over $100,000 in prizes being given away?!

Over 172,000 golfers have filled out the census questions (including me). It really only takes about 3 minutes- though you are giving away your physical address and an email account. It seems like getting 172,000 people to do anything you want them to online is pretty impressive- though it looks very small when you lead with a sentence like, "More than 27 million Americans play nearly 500 million rounds each year."

Sign up- and win! The giveaway/census runs until November 2, so time is running out! When you do win- please check back in- and let me know, so I can be insanely jealous... unless I win too- in which case we can totally rub it in everyone else's faces!
The Prizes

UPDATE- Thanks to a few people below I went through and read their privacy statement. It is pretty dreadful. I assume most people at this point have dedicated email accounts for junk mail (at least everyone I know does), so I'd suggest you use that. They will sell your information.

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sjduffers says:
Yes, I was going to sign up for the prizes (very nice trips!), but then I decided to read the privacy statement... and suffice to say that after reading, I didn't go any further, and thus am not "counted". Beware what you are really signing up for.
Trav says:
I want to know who these people obtained their emal address list from.
dottomm says:
LOL! Is That St. Andrews in the background of the banner?
coojofresh says:
yes the whole junk email account.
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