You Can't Unsee This...
By Kickntrue on 10/27/10
It's Safe For Work... but that doesn't mean you won't be scarred forever.

I have no clue what Rex Caldwell, Payne Stewart, Keith Fargus, Greg Norman, Peter Jacobsen were smoking back in 1983- but it was more than just drives down the middle of the fairway.

Click both links below- one directly to this shot- and the other for the full gallery of near-naked golfers through history. The female to male ratio is favorable to oob's general audience, but there are some special naked-dude treats awaiting. Picture number 7 is actually scarier than this one... but nobody deserves to see that without doing it willingly.

Again- all of these are safe for work and congrats to for finding better things to create during Golf's off-season that more stupid swing tips.

These Guys Naked
Full Gallery

photo source - Naked Golfers - Jules Alexander
photo source - thumbnail

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bducharm says:
AHHHHHHHHH! Don't do that!!!! :-)
Banker85 says:
wtf was TOM KITE wearing looked like a bandana or diaper thanks for that LOL disturbing.
TeT says:
THanks, Thanks alot...
sepfeiff says:
OMG wrong!
falcon50driver says:
That looks like the locker room at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas.
SweetJazz says: lunch......
Matt F says:
Can someone just poke my eyes out with a burning stick please???
Bryan K says:
And now we know why most courses have dress codes....and why all courses should.
Kurt the Knife says:
eye bleach please
Scott Shields says:
oh ... my ... god.
Pappybro says:
I know I was warned, but I so did not want to see that.
KVSmith59 says:
the Tom Kite one was just wrong on so many levels....
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